Are You On The Right Path Into Your Future?

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Each of us as we travel through life into our very personal future follows our own unique path.
As we day by day, travel into the future, we make a variety of choices, decisions as well as take any number of actions - some positive, some negative, some better some worse than others.
But, in the end;the end of the day or the end of a life we have all created the tapestry of our lives one day and one choice at a time.
It is unfortunate that many people do not have a clue as to where they want to end up, what they want to see or the roads they want to take.
Oh, many of these people may say they are "on the right path," but that is often their ego's need to protect itself from the criticism or judgements of others.
In reality they don't have a clue where they are going or why so they just trudge forward another day until they come to that time or place that speaks to them so loudly they can no longer ignore or avoid it's counsel:YOU ARE TRAVELLING ALONG THE WRONG PATH.
As a fellow traveler for many years I have too found myself lost, going in the wrong direction or been insecure I my position along the way and was easily persuaded to follow someone else's idea of what they thought my path should be.
Sound familiar?I have known hundreds of people, no maybe thousands who are not happy with where they are on the path and won't be able to be happy until they change direction or even get on another path.
One of the interesting discoveries I have made in life of late is, that wherever I go, there I am.
I can change the path or the direction on the path but the traveler will still be me: with all of my opinions, prejudices, issues, judgements, dreams, hopes, frustrations etc.
If the journey is to either be more fun, more rewarding or more satisfying in the end I must also be willing to look at the traveler and not just the path he/she is on.
What can we do to ensure we are on the right path, we stay true to it regardless of the pressures form others or our environment and find satisfaction in the journey along the way? 1.
Spend adequate quiet time alone reflecting on your life.
Where you are.
Where you want to be in the future.
What needs to change in order to reach that outcome, etc.
Refuse to be manipulated, coerced, pressured or lulled off the path that feels right for you.
Be true to your own inner guidance system.
Be patient as you travel into your future.
Everything takes time, nurturing, faith and persistence.
The outcomes of your short-term actions are not always immediate or apparent.
Do something every day that moves you further along your path.
If or when you discover you are travelling the wrong path or in the wrong direction.
Correct it, but first ensure that you ask yourself enough of the right questions before you abandon your current direction.
Nothing to be gained by jumping from one boat heading in the wrong direction to another one heading in the wrong direction.
Keep asking yourself - why am I on this path?As long as you can answer that question with a satisfactory answer for yourself - keep at it, no matter how long or hard the journey.
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