Power Tips for a 2006 Ford 4X4 Turbo Diesel

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    Cold Air Intake

    • Diesel engines mix outside air with fuel and compress it to ignite the fuel. By allowing the engine to more easily pull in cold outside air, the engine reaches higher compression in the cylinders. This results in better combustion and more power without using more fuel. Performance cold air intakes allow the engine to more easily draw in colder outside air. For the 2006 Ford 4x4 turbo diesel, some examples of companies that make these intake systems include K&N and Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe).


    • The 2006 Ford turbo diesel has a computer chip that controls the fuel to air ratio in the engine. These chips are preset at the factory. However, there are tools to alter these chips. A performance tuner tells the engine to change the fuel to air mixture, for example, by injecting more fuel. This results in much more power but at a sacrifice to fuel economy. Two examples of companies that make tuners for a Ford diesel are Bully Dog and Banks Power.

    High-flow Exhaust

    • The pressure to exhaust the waste gases from the engine comes from the engine itself. This requires using engine power to exhaust these gases that would otherwise be used to generate torque. Therefore, reducing the energy needed to push out exhaust gases translates to more horsepower and torque without using more fuel. For the Ford diesel you can use performance headers, a high-flow muffler and a high-flow catalytic converter. You can even install a performance cat-back exhaust system. These parts tend to be more expensive than the other power upgrades.

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