Keyword Traffic Estimator - Why You Need to Use One to Maximize Your Chances of Online Success

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Keyword traffic estimation basically provides you with the approximate number of searches for the individual keyword phrases relevant to the niche that you are targeting.
Therefore an effective keyword research tool not only supplies you with as many related keyword phrases as possible, but also contains an accurate keyword traffic estimator that you can confidently use to predict the amount of possible search demand.
Many online marketers make the mistake of not doing adequate keyword research with reliable research tools, and instead rely on their gut to determine which keyword phrases to target and based their content around.
Don't fall for this trap.
Just because a keyword phrase seems like a common sense one to target for a particular niche doesn't mean that people are actually looking for that exact keyword phrase using the search engines.
I have seen many marketers go through the time and effort creating beautiful blogs and websites around a specific keyword phrase.
They write their content based off of that phrase and do a superb job at optimizing their sites and blogs.
And then they get no traffic? Why? By using a keyword traffic estimator, the answer is clear.
There just isn't anyone typing that specific keyword phrase into Google.
Keyword estimation is critical, and needs to be among the first steps in your overall keyword research.
Whether you promote your site using search engine optimization methods or using pay per click campaigns, you always need a good set of keywords to optimize the content of your site in the beginning.
You can take advantage of free tools like Google AdWords Traffic Estimator.
It is completely free and you can use it to find out probable number of impressions and clicks you can get for your bids on the keywords.
This is really good if you are going to promote your site using PPC campaigns.
But when it comes to SEO, then you need much more data than just the estimates.
Because SEO usually takes much longer time to get the required returns on your investment.
You need to optimize every web page of your site for a particular keyword.
This also includes getting relevant backlinks for each and every page separately.
Now this needs considerable time investment.
There are some paid SEO tools online which can help you gain these backlinks faster.
But they even need the significant monetary investment from your side.
So the point is we need to learn a different strategy for finding the right keywords when it comes to SEO.
One way to find the most appropriate keywords for your site which can produce the targeted traffic is to actually use the AdWords campaigns.
This method is really helpful in targeting only those keywords which are sure to get your site the much needed traffic.
This tactic is especially critical for the people using SEO as a marketing platform.
This method is simple and straightforward yet very few people actually use it in the real life because it is labor-intensive.
You just have to find out few sample targeted set of keywords.
Divide them into different groups.
Make separate landing pages for all the keyword groups.
Then bid high for every group so that all your ads can appear on the first page of the Google searches.
Test this campaign at least for one week.
This way you can find out the actual number of impressions and clicks per keyword.
Multiplying these impressions 4 times will give you the much accurate number of searches for all the keywords in your ad groups.
This way you can make sure that the keywords you select for your SEO campaigns are going to bring you the definite results.
Use only those keywords with highest searches and optimize your web pages for these keywords to get high ranking in the search engines.
This is the best use of keyword traffic estimator and you will find this method pretty reliable to find the most profitable keywords for your SEO campaigns.
Now although this method will give you accurate data, it can be quite expensive and take more time and energy than you'd like to invest (especially if you are planning to target more than one niche).
Luckily there are plenty of keyword research tools on the market now that include a reliable keyword traffic estimator.
Now, instead of spending days to weeks to get your possible keyword traffic data, you can get the results in mere seconds.
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