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What is your purpose, what things do you want to achieve in life? Many people talk about what is their purpose in life, and there is much talk about what is the meaning of life.
We enter life as babies, we then spend a number of years being dependent on our parents or carer.
During this time we are being taught a variety of things.
We may also be taught various accounts of how the earth was started.
One of the main things we encounter in life is the fact that you need to work in order to live.
We see that most things in life need some form of fuel to continue living.
As people our fuel for life tends to be a combination of food and liquid.
We have basic needs for example the need of air or to be more precise the need for oxygen.
As well as food, shelter and safety to name but a few.
After these needs are met we may desire other things such as money or power.
We may get to the point where we are looking for some kind of fulfillment.
One thing is very certain, the fact that people are born and then die.
There are some people who believe that death is the end, but others that believe that death is just the start.
Depending on a particular belief that a person takes on, can determine their life purpose.
To put it another way their reason for living.
What do you see as your purpose in life.
Is helping people and developing yourself a useful reason for living.
Or maybe working towards another life after this life.
What do you see as your purpose.
Some people believe there is no purpose, and some people believe you can make your purpose whatever you want it to be.
So to answer this question a person could look at the things that they are good at, It is useful considering the things that people often comment that you are good at.
You should also think of the things that people often ask you to do because you are very skillful at.
You could also look at the things that you want to changing in the world.
If you believe you have a purpose what do you want it to be? What do you feel would give you the best sense of fulfillment? What do you want to achieve in life, and what is your plan to achieve it? MGA Brown (c) March 2011
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