Fluid Warming System Manufacturers: Which One Should You Choose?

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Intravenous (IV) infusions are a standard part of medical care at hospitals, health clinics, and during the course of emergency medical service (EMS) work, but administering warm infusions is not a standard practice.
When the temperature of an infusion is less than 95°F, it can cause hypothermia and hypothermia related conditions, such as cardiac arrest and hospital-acquired infections.
Using IV warmers can help prevent these maladies, but the question becomes which manufacturer to buy from.
If your organization needs IV warmers, be sure to ask the following questions before you select a manufacturer: Do you need a portable device? Portable warmers have important advantages over conventional ones.
In addition to allowing EMS crews to deliver infusions inside ambulances and in environments that lack electrical outlets, they also make it easier to transport hospital patients from unit to unit.
Do you need a disposable device? Because they require no additional sterilization or maintenance, disposable warmers are ideal for EMS crews, particularly ones that operate in environments where access to sterilization equipment is non-existent (e.
war zones).
Disposable models can also benefit hospitals by eliminating the cost of sterilization and maintenance for IV fluid warming systems.
Is the setup time and heat up time of the device important? The devices produced by most fluid warming system manufacturers take minutes to set up and heat up, but devices that are ready for service in less than two minutes are also available.
Warmers that have quick setup and heat up times are ideal for EMS crews, and are useful in emergency rooms, labor and delivery units, and surgery units.
Should you buy a device that uses proprietary tubing? The only benefit delivered by proprietary tubing is to the manufacturer.
If the customer runs out of the tubing, it cannot use the device, which makes it useless in an emergency.
Standard tubing performs as well as proprietary tubing, and it typically costs far less.
How long has the manufacturer been in business? If you are looking for a manufacturer whose supplies you can use going forward, you should choose one that has a profitable business history of at least two years.
Although new companies can offer quality products, they are typically more at risk for going out of business than established companies are.
Have the manufacturer's products been used by organizations like yours? Because not all warmers offer the same performance quality and quality of construction, it is important to choose to choose a product that has been used in the capacity in which you would use it.
For example, if you need a product that meets the needs of EMS crews, buying from a company whose product EMS crews successfully use is a wise idea.
Conclusion IV fluid warming systemscan be a crucial part of medical care, especially for the prevention of hypothermia, but getting the best product involves carefully evaluating fluid warming systems manufacturers.
Combined with evaluating the performance specs of the product in question, the questions above can help you do this.
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