Do You Have a Winning Attitude?

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Online Marketing 101 The first thing that every person who enters the online marketing world has to realize is that they are probably going to FAIL! Yes, I know.
That probably isn't what you wanted to hear and you're likely thinking to yourself, "Wow...
this guy is really a load of encouragement!" But the facts speak for themselves.
97% of people who venture into online marketing every year fail.
Not only do they fail, but they quit completely.
Now what do I mean by that? Well, if you talk to the 3% that do make it every year they will tell you that they failed too when they first started out, but that they continued to work on their marketing skill set, they continued to read and study, and they invested in their marketing education so that eventually they began to slowly turn around their business.
While they were losing money in the beginning, as most businesses do by the way whether it's an online business or an old fashioned "brick and mortar" business, they slowly began to see a profit.
And then eventually, they began to see the profits increase to to the point that the business was a success.
What do these people have that the other 97% don't? They have a winning attitude.
It sounds corny I know but it really is the difference between failure and success.
These people looked failure in the eye and refused to give in.
They decided for themselves that if what they were doing was not working, then they were going to discover what would.
They would devote time and energy to studying online marketing strategies, tools, and tips for turning their businesses around.
They weren't content to sit idly by and watch their businesses flounder and their bank accounts dwindle.
They weren't going to blame anyone else for their situation.
And they weren't going to do nothing! Winners are always moving forward.
They never rest on their laurels.
It's not in their nature.
Winners are always creating and looking for new and better ways to achieve success.
And while making money is one definition for success for online marketers, the principle applies for any type of vocation.
Success can be defined as spending more time with the family or having more time to devote to charitable causes.
Success can be whatever you define it to be and whatever is in your heart to achieve.
But the biggest trait one must have to succeed is to never give up! If you do that then you too can develop a winning attitude.
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