SEO - The Right Way To Optimize Your Web Site Title Tag And Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

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The title tag is one of the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization.
It is used by the search engine as a top indicator of the page's content.
The meta tags correspond to what the search engines reads and serves in their search engine results It is very important to include a well optimized title tag on each page of your web site.
Here are some great tips to consider when creating your title tag: 1) Each page of your site should have it's own keyword rich title tag.
Keep it tight and as close to the page content as possible.
2) Concentrate on just a few keywords.
Going to broad will penalize the keywords weights.
If you have more keywords in mind create another page for them.
3) Create new titles for each page.
Using the same title tag over and over again will dilute the weight of each title tag into nothingness and at the bottom you will rank! 4) Only use keywords that appear in your page content.
This is very important.
If you fail to do so, it will badly hurts your relevancy.
5) Avoid using unnecessary words in the Title such like "it", "The", "was", "at", "from" etc.
Search engines don't take such words into account in their algorithms.
6) Avoid keywords spamming in your title tag.
That will result in a penalty and get your site at the bottom of the search results.
By following these basic guidelines, you've what it needs to create search engine friendly title tags.
So Give this tag the consideration it deserves!
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