Develop Confidence and Self Belief and Really Live Life to the Full

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Without confidence and self belief we are timid and self doubting, living a life which eventually makes us fearful of doing anything outside the norm.
If we doubt ourselves how can we expect other people to feel confident about our ability to make decisions and achieve.
I have discovered that one of the first steps in developing self confidence is to ignore the input of well meaning friends who try to persuade us to stay within our comfort zone.
This is simply because they wish to protect us from the very challenges we must face if we are to develop confidence and self belief.
Confidence and self belief are rarely found without stretching outside our comfort zone.
The very first step in stepping out of our comfort zone is realizing that life is full of challenges but to each challenge there is always a solution; it really is as simple as that.
Find the solution to the challenges you face, knowing that if you put your mind to the task, the forces of the universe plus every input that has poured into your subconscious will rally to help you find the best solution.
We were met with disbelief and incredulity when we announced that we were going to move to France with our six children.
Most of the anxiety and concern centred round the fact that none of us spoke French and to my protestations that we would learn the language, I was met with a variety of responses ranging from barely concealed sympathetic looks to out right laughter.
Regardless of the fact that we were leaving our family, had no home to move to, no job and didn't speak the language we knew that in order to provide our children with greater opportunities this was something we must do.
Along the journey we have met many diverse and interesting people.
We have had experiences which went beyond the realms of challenges and each day we offer thanks that we were able to find solutions and are still finding solutions to the challenges we have encountered.
Interestingly the very people that laughed and sneered at the outset are the loudest to acclaim how it is the very best thing we have ever done and how they always knew we would be successful - thank goodness we didn't sit and listen to their original opinion.
Another important aspect in developing self belief and confidence is organisation, setting out the goals to be achieved little and large and setting a time by which each goal is to be realised.
This has been central to our success in re-locating to France.
It has been important for us to adopt a step by step approach re-setting goals that have not been realised within the given time fame.
There is something very positive about ticking off the goals achieved and if this is broken down into bite size pieces day by day it has an amazing impact upon ones sense of achievement and confidence.
There is nothing quite like facing up to and overcoming seemingly impossible situations for instilling confidence and self belief with the absolute certainty that there is a solution and because there is a solution there is no problem.
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