Your Calling Is? (Think Small)

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Rick Warren in his book "Purpose Driven Life" states we all have an exact purpose for this life - a calling a mission.
Actually Rick stated five - to worship, to fellowship, to grow like Christ, to serve, and to be on mission with God in the world.
Unfortunately most of us have spent our whole life looking for this "purpose" or we are too busy to stop and really figure it out.
Or maybe you believe you need a special missions "call" from God, and you've been waiting for some supernatural feeling or experience to get you started.
God doesn't want to use just some of his people; he wants to use all of his people.
We are all called to be on-mission for God.
He wants his whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.
In other word everyone has a calling; that special mission - that purpose that totally fulfills you.
Instead of waiting on Gabriele to appear with trumpets blowing or lighting to strike the bush in your front lawn and light it on fire thinks small.
It's time we shift from thinking of excuses to thinking of creative simple easy ways to fulfill the Great Commission.
And remember what Rick discussed: The Great Commission includes you and your service.
We are all bodies of Christ and we are all important to it.
The key is to figure out where you fit in - and no matter how small it's ALL IMPORTANT.
So the easiest way to get started is to take baby steps.
Pick a local charity; non profit or outreach program that interests you.
Choose children or the elderly or whatever interests group you have a small passion for.
Commit to serving them.
Commit to a regular time to serve.
Two hours after work on Thursday evening; four hour Saturday morning - choose a regular date For example go to the nursery home Sunday afternoon and share reading the Sunday paper.
Once you commit to the day and time then book it REGULARLY.
So every other Sat morning is your time to sort clothes or once a month you deliver bread to the food bank.
COMMIT; BE RESPONSIBLE or REGULAR; and be PASSIONATE - put your heart into it.
It may seem mundane but be assured you are making a difference in someone's life.
And God will start making a difference in your life.
And as you start your service project - Pray.
And Pray some more.
Ask God to not only use you for his purpose but to guide you.
Ask Him to use your new service project to start you down the path of your calling.
Once you start your commitment; you will soon experience a great joy from your service project.
It is probably not your exact calling but it will get you started down your path.
It may not answer all your questions but it will be extremely fulfilling and rewarding and will open the door for God to start using you for your purpose.
And it only takes the time you normally reserve for a movie or to read the Sunday paper.
Quit waiting for God to give you that Lighting bolt - commit to something small and see where it leads.
And remember to pray.
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