Increase YouTube Traffic - How To Drastically Increase Your Video Traffic In 3 Easy Steps

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Here are 3 steps to increase YouTube traffic.
Just one of these will help tremendously, but if you do all three you will definitely increase YouTube traffic big time! 1.
Create a SHORT video (or EDIT down your existing video).
Let's face it, peoples attention spans are horrible now days.
They tweet and text, and simply don't have the patience for anything that takes a long time to read or watch.
When people see videos that are over 5 minutes they often don't even bother to watch them, even if the title is catchy and even if it is something they have interest in.
Make your video under 5 minutes.
If you have an existing video that is 5 minutes or longer, edit it down and make it as short as possible.
The thumbnail image is the preview screen shot that people will see when they initially spot your video on YouTube.
The difference between a good preview image and a bad image is staggering.
You are literally talking about thousands of views versus only a handful of views.
That's how much a difference a good preview image is.
So what is a good thumbnail image? Well, the most obvious to get the most traffic with is something sexy be it male or female (though a sexy female image will get more hits).
But if you don't want to go that route, just make sure it is something human or semi-identifiable, as opposed to a bad thumb image which would be an all black or white screen or something that is not recognizable.
This is a must for anyone wanting to really increase YouTube traffic.
You can add thousands of real human views to your YouTube videos in a very, very short amount of time with a good service (just make sure you use a service that uses "real human views" to increase the number of views to your video).
This is also the easiest way to get increased views.
You don't have to do anything to your video.
And once you get that initial jump in increased views, your video will become more popular and rank much better which will help it get viewed even more.
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