How to Tell If You Need a New Bed Frame

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    • 1). If your bed squeaks and creaks every time you get in, that is a sign of a feeble bed frame that needs to be replaced sooner than later.

    • 2). Replace your bed frame quickly if one side of the bed leans to the side (to the top, bottom, left, or right).

    • 3). Invest in a new bed frame if your bed is on wheels and one or more of the wheels is broken or missing. Without the wheels, the bottom of the bed frame could be damaging your floor, and your sleep could be uncomfortable due to the unevenness.

    • 4). Look for signs of cracks in a wooden bed frame as an indication that the bed frame should be replaced in the near future.

    • 5). Replace your bed frame if it is significantly larger than your box spring and mattress, or if it is too small for your mattress (the mattress overlaps the frame).

    • 6). Toss your bed frame if you are missing any of the brackets that hold the unit together as you sleep. Get a new frame if the brackets are bent or won't snap together.

    • 7). If you have to sleep with some type of board on top of your bed frame and under your box spring for support, then you need a new bed frame. The board may help temporarily, but it is a clear sign that you need a new frame.

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