Getting Over Drinking Too Much Wine and Re-Building Your Spiritual Links

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If you are being honest with yourself would you say you had too much to drink this week? Did your family suffer as a result of your binging? Or perhaps they have already left you to your own devices and the future looks bleak, alone with the bottle.
Do you want good honest help? It is so easy to make drinking your pastime of choice.
Like other people drink a cup of tea, you like your glass of wine.
And why not? In moderate quantities wine can be good for you.
But doctors agree that a moderate quantity is one or at the most two SMALL glasses a day.
Increasingly I see around me not only wine drinkers drinking way too many glasses of wine, but the size of the glass is getting bigger so that they can kid themselves they are within the recommended limit.
If this is you, you're hooked.
Wine drinkers are in a category of their own.
They are not alcoholics, they say, because they never stray over into hard drinking.
It is the gin and vodka brigade who are the real addicts.
Cannabis smokers say the same thing about coke addicts.
The truth is that anything that takes over your life, changes your personality and reacts negatively in your relationships with others is a problem.
Call it what you like, but when one bottle is not enough, and two or three is the norm, it´s time to take stock.
Unless you are happy to have this slow and nasty form of suicide it is time to look around for a solution.
Alcoholics Anonymous is an option.
But a far better one is the hope of a complete recovery with Jesus as your saviour.
The difference between AA and Jesus is that the AA changes your outward habits, whereas Jesus changes you from the inside so that you never need another drink in your life.
There is a fallacy which drinkers use that there is no full recovery, only a day without drink.
But with Jesus, recovery is absolute.
Sin is dead.
There is no need for sin.
There is no need for drink.
Jesus works by building up your spiritual links to the perfect godhead.
We can all be perfect if we strive for it in Jesus' name.
Righteousness is ours for the taking, and it is not some sanctimonious claptrap designed for boring party poopers, it is a sincere higher level of existence unshaken by the physical appetites which dog the majority of the population.
Although not many attain the highest levels of the holiest of the holies, and most of us are just grateful for the odd day basking in the warm light of God's grace, nevertheless it is worth aspiring too.
If you want to kick the habit now pour salt into your next glass of wine and force yourself to drink it, then never go near the stuff again.
You can do better than that.
You can be better than that.
Begin your walk of faith today!
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