Whatever They Told You About Naked College Girls Tumblr Is Dead Wrong... And Here"s Why

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Waking up the next morning, I am at once thrilled and terrified as the memories of yesterdays events come flooding back to me. My primal brain is thrilled that I finally got to fuck the voluptuous teen siren with whom Ive been sharing a roof for years. My rational brain, however, is spinning through the consequences of my actions. Carrie has friends who are going to come looking for her. Her mom is going to want to hear from her. naked thick girls Luckily its summertime, so theres no school to consider.

I decide that I can manage her texts and keep her mother and friends at bay for the moment. Carrie herself, though, is a more formidable problem. I have two choices: one, I could kill her and claim that she ran away, which she is just rebellious enough to do. I dont have that in me, though - I may be a rapist, but not a murderer! Option #2 is that I could do my best to break her and turn her into an obedient slave by the time her mother gets home.

I dont know enough about Stockholm Syndrome and its kin to know whether a month is enough time for this to happen, but its a better working plan than murder. Which would be a terrible waste, after all. I shamble down to the kitchen and make breakfast, preparing a plate for Carrie. While it cooks, I head out to the garage and find an old dog collar with a retractable leash. The kind where you can push a button and stop the cord from giving your dog more slack.

The collar itself is leather and studded with metal spikes, from years ago when I owned a Doberman. It will suit her nicely, I decide. There is a full bathroom in the basement, and I decide that this leash will allow me to take my bound captive to and from a few times a day. I also grab a stun gun out of the gun safe. Returning to the kitchen, I prepare a tray to take downstairs: breakfast, a tazer, a leash, and a collar. When I turn on the lights in the basement, Carrie is slumped over and still bound to the pole.

Her clothes are disheveled, and when she snaps her head up in alarm I can see that my crusty dried cum still adorns her face, hair, and cleavage. Her breasts jiggle deliciously as she sees me, renews her struggles and begins shouting muffled curses from behind her duct tape gag. There is anger in her eyes. I have work to do. She grows quiet when she sees the tray of food Ive brought for her. Apparently, shes hungry. Okay, my dear I begin in a slightly patronizing voice. I know youre hungry.

And you probably have to go to the bathroom. So, heres how this works. Im going to take the tape off your mouth. If you scream, I take away your breakfast, then, withdrawing the tazer for effect, and you get a shock. Much easier for you if you stay quiet and play nice like a good girl. Her blue eyes are cold fire, but she makes no move to protest. I remove the duct tape from her mouth, her black lipstick coming mostly away on the tape. In a quiet, simmering voice she says, hot girls sex You sick fucking pervert, youll never get away with this.

Youre a goddamn rapist here her eyes fill with tears, but her angry countenance never wanes, and youre so going to jail when mom gets home! Her voice is rising now. I hope you go to prison and get raped by some fucking fatass skinhead! Now screaming, I hope you die bleeding from your asshole! Calmly and in one deft motion, I lift the tazer to her neck and shock her. Her body quakes and stiffens, she cries out in pain, and stiffens. Now, I didnt want to have to do that I say. For more info about av Erotica stop by our internet site. Last chance, are you going to be a good girl for me?

She lifts her head, girl nudes tossing back her mane of red hair, and spits in my face. Stupid little BITCH! I roar, and smack her hard across the face. I grab the duct tape and, against her screamed and thrashing protests, re-tape her mouth. Angrily, I undo the bicycle lock and remove her from the pole. I take her by the hips, force her ass into the air and her face into the carpet. I spank her, hard, and then again. You want to play it this way? I ask, taking my dick out.
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