Learning to Gain Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is one of the important elements in our psyche that determines our self-image.
It stems from the beliefs we have about our abilities to do things.
It also includes what we believe about the quality of our contribution to this world.
The following article will look at ways in which we can learn to gain more self-confidence.
Reinstating SELF confidence In most people's lives it has become more about what other people think of their abilities than what they themselves think of them.
We need to first reinstate its location of power and claim back the self in self-confidence.
When you have become to other focused it is time to start asking yourself first and only, about what you think and feel about your skills and your contribution.
Self-esteem has been used together with self-confidence and has lead to some misunderstandings.
As said before, self-confidence has to do with your abilities, your skills, your 'doing'.
Self-esteem is about your 'being', about who you are as a person, without any reference to your 'doing'.
Both of those concepts obviously intermingle and boost each other, if however they are made equal, you will only ever feel good as a person if you have achieved something worthwhile.
A newborn baby, which is not doing much, still feels good once properly looked after.
Feeling good about yourself I remember seeing a video recently of a guy without any legs or arms.
He was an inspiring model of a human being who, despite his disabilities on a physical sense, was feeling good about himself and was a motivational speaker, inspiring other.
This shows that wherever you are and whatever challenges you're facing, the question is how you are seeing yourself in that.
This is what self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love encompasses.
Gratitude Be grateful for all that you have already done or are doing on a daily basis.
Even when feeling ill and you're not able to do much, you are still a unique being that has already contributed so much to this day, even if at this moment you might not remember that.
Feel the fear and do it anyway Self-confidence also stems from doing the things that you feel trepidation about.
Leaving your comfort zone is uncomfortable and that's why many people stay seated on their couch playing video games and eating chocolate.
Believe me; this won't help you gain self-confidence because the next morning when you stand on the scale you will beat yourself up.
Last year I was asked to give a presentation to about 80 people.
I had presented material in a public speaking format before, but not to such a large audience.
Two days before the presentation the organizer called me and said: 'Guess what, we had so many interested people, we've got 250 people confirmed!' This meant I just had to stretch my comfort zone even more, and I did it.
Get up and do something that you are dreaming of.
Once you've done it I can promise you feel exhilarated! If you are interested to read more articles in the topic of self-confidence and self-esteem you can find them in my library of articles.
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