The Most Important Tool You Will Ever Use In Your Mlm Network Marketing Business

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What if you were taken to a shooting range for the first time, excited to get your first bulls eye. You get the best trainer in the whole place and you have more ammo than you ever need?

You step up to range and eye your first target and then your trainer blindfolds you and the target starts moving.

You can't see and you're shooting a moving target.

Are you going to ever hit it?

If you do you'd have to agree that you hit it out of luck and you're chances of ever hitting that target again are slim to none.

This is literally how most people think about marketing their network marketing business online.

They get excited. They get trained. They put on their blindfold. The target starts moving. They just start shooting until they run out of ammo.

Doesn't make much sense does it?

When you don't track what you are doing in your marketing you are literally putting on a blindfold and shooting at a moving target until your run out of ammo, which in a marketing sense we're talking about time and more so money.

Why is the target moving?

Because your prospect aren't in one place, they move around don't they?

When you go online you don't just go to one place.

You check your email, you read a few great articles like this one, you search for things in the search engines, etc.

So do your prospects.

Take the blindfold off now!

Track what you do and you will start hitting the target much more often than you miss.


Because without tracking your marketing you really aren't marketing you're just throwing your money around.

Make sure that you are tracking every single aspect of your marketing. Commit to learning to be a master and savvy internet marketer.

There are several resources on the internet where you can track every single aspect of your internet marketing.

Do a search today and implement tracking into every single aspect of your marketing. Make this fun and enjoy the journey.

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