How to Change Brake Pads on a Honda Civic

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    • 1). Remove the cap from the master cylinder reservoir to help relieve pressure in the system. Raise the front end of the car on jack stands and remove both wheels; loosen the lug nuts before raising the car.

    • 2). Compress the caliper piston back into its bore with the C-clamp. Watch the fluid in the master cylinder and make sure it doesn't overflow. Siphon out fluid with the turkey baster if needed.

    • 3). Use a brake cleaner spray to clean the entire brake assembly, placing a pan underneath the rotor to catch the dripping residue. Don't use compressed air on the brakes, as the dust that collects on them contains asbestos.

    • 4). Remove the lower mounting bolt on the caliper with the ratchet wrench and pivot the caliper upward. Secure the caliper to the strut with a strong wire. Remove the dust boot that the bolt was in and check it for any cracks or tears.

    • 5). Remove the brake pads and shims, starting with the outer pad. Remove the retaining clips for the pads, clean them and make sure they fit into their grooves as you place them back in the mounting bracket.

    • 6). Install the new pads, starting with the inner pad. Make sure the pad's upper and lower "ears" fully engage with their grooves and retainer clips within the mounting bracket.

    • 7). Lower the caliper back down in place; if it doesn't fit, compress the caliper piston further. Repeat all of the above steps with the other brake assembly, then replace the wheels and lower the Civic.

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