How to Connect Jumper Cables on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid

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    • 1). Open the driver's front door of the Intrepid. Pull the hood release lever, located on the driver's side kick panel, near the interior door frame.

    • 2). Raise the hood of the Intrepid. Visually inspect and locate the two remote access jump boxes within the engine compartment -- the positive remote jump-start station is mounted just on the front of the passenger front strut tower, and is covered by a black cap with a red "+" or plus symbol; the negative remote jump-start station is located toward the passenger front of the engine, near the radiator core support, just behind the headlight. The negative remote jump-start station is also equipped with a plastic black cap, marked with a "-" or minus symbol.

    • 3). Connect the positive jumper cable end, or colored cable, to the positive post on your jump vehicle. Hold the other positive cable end in your hand, and do not let it touch any portion of the jump vehicle, or the Intrepid. Immediately attach the other positive cable end onto the Intrepid's remote positive jump-start station. Connect the negative, or black jumper cable end, to the jump vehicle. Attach the opposite negative cable end to the remote negative jump-start station on the Intrepid. Start the vehicle you are using as a jump vehicle.

    • 4). Allow the jumper cables to be attached to the Intrepid for about one minute prior to attempting to start the intrepid. The average 2000 Intrepid battery uses up to 800 cold cranking amps. Allowing the Intrepid to sit while the other vehicle is running will allow the jump vehicle to assist in charging the battery. Turn off all electrical switches in the Intrepid, including the headlight switch, the heater control switch and the hazard lights, if they are running.

    • 5). Start the Intrepid. If the Intrepid does not start right away, or makes only a clicking noise when you turn the key, stop trying to start the car. Inspect all of the jump connections, from the remote jump stations on the Intrepid to the connections on the jump vehicle's battery. You should see a spark when you disconnect and reattach each connection. Allow the vehicles to sit for another minute or longer, if necessary.

    • 6). Attempt starting the Intrepid again. Once the Intrepid starts, allow its engine to run for about 30 seconds with the jumper cables still attached. Remove the positive jumper cable from the Intrepid remote jump-start station, and hold it in your hand. Remove the negative jump cable, and let it hang at your side. Remove the jump positive jumper cable from your jump vehicle's battery. Remove the negative jumper cable. Shut the hoods of both vehicles.

    • 7). Take the Intrepid immediately to a battery testing or service facility. Do not run the Intrepid off a jump-start for more than 30 miles, as this may drain the battery and leave you stranded if your battery or alternator are faulty.

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