Effective Sales Team Motivation - A Sales Manager"s Guide to Understanding Motivation

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Before I got married, the most consistent piece of advice for me and my fiancée was, "You must have trust".
Nobody told me how to get trust - only that I had to have it.
They didn't tell me why I needed trust - only that it was necessary to build a successful marriage.
Sales leaders say the same about motivation.
To be successful in sales, motivation must be present.
Of course, motivation means different things to different people.
For some sales leaders it means a lack of follow-up and follow-thru by a salesperson in the sales process.
For others, it means not consistently prospecting.
To some, it may mean a salesperson is not developing knowledge about the new products and services to sell.
There are a few points that I've found to be consistent about this concept of motivation.
Motivation is something:
  • you desperately want in a sales candidate
  • you wish all your salespeople had
  • many salespeople do not have
  • that significantly affects a salespersons performance if they don't have it
Regardless of the meaning of the term motivation, it's used a lot - typically when your salespeople don't have it.
To become an effective sales manager, the big question is: "Why aren't your salespeople motivated? There are many reasons why salespeople aren't motivated.
This article is about just one of them.
Here it is: Your salespeople may not be motivated because they don't value what you're offering.
You may be surprised by this, but not all salespeople are driven to make money.
Let me say that again: Not all salespeople are driven to make money.
That does not mean that they don't want it - it means they aren't driven to perform in order to make it.
That's why so many fail - they want money, they just aren't "motivated" to go and get it.
Money doesn't drive them, therefore, the commissions you're offering don't entice them to perform.
As simple as that may sound, it's true...
and I've seen a lot of it.
Can you change it? Can you train someone to be driven to make money? In a word -no.
The reason is that these are core values.
Values, also known as drivers or motivators cannot be changed unless a significant emotional event causes the change in their life.
Think about it - some people know every sports statistic for the last 25 years.
They can cite RBI's, number of passing yards, or the free throw percentages for star athletes.
Why, they like sports, are motivated to attend sports functions and invest time doing so.
Others however, couldn't tell you the first thing about any sport or particular athlete.
But they could tell you all about art.
People gravitate towards those things that satisfy their values.
That's why so many people don't like their jobs or fail to perform.
They take a job without realizing their own values or the incentives built into the job.
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