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ESL ("English as a Second Language"), also known as "EFL" ("English as a Foreign Language"), or sometimes as "ESOL" ("English for Speakers of Other Languages"), is the term used to refer to the study of English by people (usually adults), who are native speakers of other languages.
Such people may wish to learn English for business or professional reasons, for personal reasons, or perhaps because they are immigrating to a majority English-speaking country such as the United States, Great Britain or Canada.
In today's world, English is the principal lingua franca in many fields of endeavour, including business, science, medicine, and aviation.
For this reason, as well as for reasons such as immigration and personal interest, many adults who are native speakers of other languages often want to learn or improve their English.
One of the main ways that they do this is through ESL ("English as a Second Language") classes - note: sometimes the acronyms "EFL" ("English as a Foreign Language") or "ESOL" ("English for Speakers of Other Languages") are also used.
One particular group activity that many ESL teachers have introduced into their classes is the game of bingo.
Students can find this both enjoyable and educational - even though bingo is a relatively simple game, explaining the rules, setting up, and then playing, entirely in English of course, can be quite a challenge to a non-native speaker.
Additionally, the mechanics of the game can also be modified by the teacher - at Christmas for example, the bingo cards might be printed with Christmas themed items rather than numbers.
Likewise, on other occasions, the bingo cards might be printed with English words or phrases, or even with place names.
The teacher's imagination is really the only limit, since bingo cards containing virtually any kind of item can be easily and cheaply printed using a PC and some bingo card generator software.
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