New Ideas for a Kid's Room

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    Raise the Bed

    • Raising the bed allows you to make efficient use of vertical space and add functionality to an otherwise unused area. Several layers of drawers under an elevated bed double as a dresser or a place to store toys and crafts. As the examples on HGTV show, you can incorporate different levels for different beds. If your ceilings allow, raise the bed high enough to build a desk area underneath; you can even enclose it with shelves and drawers to create a pseudo-room under the bed. Not only good for storage, a raised bed adds presence as well as a little fun.

    Fun Headboards

    • We often neglect the creative potential of a headboard, especially in a child's room. But especially for young imaginations, the headboard represents a large surface on which to create and express the room's décor. Headboards can be shaped into any number of designs. For example, they can be cut and painted to look like a train, a mountain, a skyscraper or even an animal. Take advantage of the surface and paint or affix rich detail. Adhere pictures the child will enjoy. Better yet, incorporate chalkboard paint and let the child design the headboard as often as she wants. Headboards can also hold small shelves or lighting. Affixing a swivel lamp, for example, allows the child to read in bed or feel safer at night.

    Sky's the Limit

    • In a child's room, you have more latitude creatively than you might in other rooms. Embrace that freedom to inject whimsy and wildness into the room by incorporating the ceiling into your design. The ceiling can simply be painted a matching color, or offer a mural or landscape for children to gaze at. The ceiling can accommodate fabric acting like designer streamers from one end to another. Hanging fun, original lighting in several places can also add an original element. Your child can build a papier-maché structure into which a light may be placed. You can affix mirrors or rugs or any kind of pattern to the ceiling. While a room with already low ceilings may not be best for heavy decoration, adding flair above his head will delight your child and make him proud to show his room to his friends.

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