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Having a website that would top the search engine listings starts with building a unique URL location, one that is easy to use, eye-catching, and delivers interesting content for visitors to read.
Don't stop because it doesn't just end there! Catching looks and useability alone won't guarantee success; true internet superiority must employ SEO or search engine optimization.
The internet is a fierce arena for hundreds of thousands of competing websites - and specializing in one niche market still will yield thousands of results when surfing the internet.
So how can one website achieve high results rankings over another? There is only one answer - Search Engine Optimization.
Search engine optimization can provide an edge over competitors by making your website search engine friendly and easier to be found by these indexing programs.
Ones such as Google and Yahoo use 'spiders' to crawl the internet regularly to check for relevance, index it, and update the results rankings.
Quality content is the premiere asset to how well a website will rank against all competitors.
SEO Techniques In the world of SEO, there are certain means by which high-ranking can be achieved, some of which are listed below.
  • Keywords - One way SEO works is by adding keyword rich content to a website.
    Keywords are basically sets of word that are often used by users on the internet to look for certain topics.
    By using a competitive keyword as part of original content, there is a much better chance of ranking high on the search engine results pages.
  • Article Directories - Another way SEO can be enhanced on a website is by submitting high quality, original articles to various quality article directories that offer content to be shared to other publishers interested in a particular topic.
    This sharing of information provides a link that leads back to the original publishing location.
  • Back links - Going along with the above use of article directories is the knowledge that every time a user reads that article and clicks on a link within it, that user is automatically linked back to the original website, adding more traffic or 'link juice' to the website.
    The more articles that are submitted and the more directories used, the more back links have been created and 'link juice' fed to the search engine spiders to attract them to that particular web location.
    Keep in mid that this is free traffic being drawn to a URL, which increases its reputation with the search engines which in turn boosts ranking.
Given enough time, the constant influx of traffic to a website along with its growing credibility among the search engines will eventually give it a ranking within the first ten results which means a first page ranking.
Establishing an internet presence while providing maximum exposure and generating free traffic back to a website is the ultimate goal of SEO.
Getting on the first page of the search engines results doesn't happen overnight; however, with plenty of patience and determination, it can be achieved.
Implementing SEO can help a business rise above the competition.
The sooner SEO is started, the sooner all competition will be left in the internet dust!
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