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How to Make a Cardboard Ball

Making a perfect ball out of cardboard is literally impossible, as no matter how small you make its sides, the solid remains a polyhedron. Even what may seem as a perfect sphere will be, for example, the sum of thousands or millions of flat shapes. However, you don't have to do this extraordinary ta

Video: How to Keep Play-Doh From Drying Out

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Laura, and I'm going to talk to you about how to keep your Play-Doh from drying out. I have some Play-Doh and I also have something that will help you in case your Play-Doh does get dried out which is a paper towel. So the best way to keep your Play-Doh...

Inexpensive Ideas for Spring Table Centerpieces

Inexpensive and refreshing ideas for spring table centerpieces can be made using things you already have or items that can be found for pennies at yard sales and thrift stores. Spring arrangements for your dining table can be artistically arranged focal points that marry a variety of everyday castof

How to Perfectly Balance & Track My RC Heli

It is important to balance and track an RC (radio-controlled) heli before the model helicopter's first flight. Out-of-balance blades can cause vibration of the helicopter and lead to drift during flight. A perfectly balanced heli will waste less energy and fly longer. You can balance an RC heli with

How to Make Silver Clay Jewelry

Silver metal clay allows for jewelry designs that are not possible with traditional silversmithing techniques. Silver metal clay is made of pure silver molecules mixed with water and organic binders to form clay. The binders burn away when fired to leave .999 silver, which is almost pure silver. W

How to Make a Sundress Dressy

Summertime provides a steady indulgence of comfortable weather activities and calls for participation in a number of outdoor events. It requires, therefore, a variety of wardobe options. Heightened temperatures allow for the wearing of relaxed and informal garments, but many events require dressier

How to Build a Frame for Grapevines

Grapevines are cultivated in a range of configurations. Small gardens display espaliered grapevines climbing walls or decorative fences. Large, commercial producers use a variety of frames -- from H-brace end-post systems to end-post tie systems to anchored end-post systems. Each of these frames, or

How to Build a Compost Bin

Compost is a kind of garden soil that comes up from a mixture of leaves, weeds, straw, kitchen waste, contaminated water and so on. It is used as home-made fertilizer. You can build a compost bin of your choice at home. Compost bins are usually made of wire mesh, snow fence and wooden pallets. Let u

How to Create Pretend Money

There are any number of websites that provide templates for you to print pretend money. But what if your children would like to do something a little more imaginative than that? Creating your own pretend money can be a fun arts and crafts project to do together, while opening the door for discussion

Styrofoam Caterpillar Arts & Crafts

Many children think of caterpillars as friendly little bugs. They are a popular subject for children's crafts as they can be constructed in segments from a variety of materials and are often painted in bright colors which have great visual appeal for young children. Styrofoam balls are perfect for c

How to Make Fake Blood Without Corn Syrup and Food Coloring

A Halloween party is just not complete without a few drips of fake blood. Commercially made fake blood products are readily available at Halloween specialty stores and many party stores, but it is cheaper to make it at home. A common recipe consists primarily of corn syrup and food coloring, but it

Cool Unique Tattoos for Feet

For many a tattoo is simply a piece of body art, but for others a tattoo can be a representation of an ideal, emotion or desire. The placement of a tattoo on the foot has connotations and meanings that differ from person to person, but can generally be connected to the symbolism of moving forward.

How to Bleach Just the Arms of a Shirt

Bleaching just the arms of a shirt is tricky because bleach is a thin solution that can run everywhere on the clothes. However, you can lighten select areas of clothing by applying the bleach carefully and neutralizing it as soon as you are done. By bleaching just the sleeves, you can change the loo

How to Make an Advent Calender With Only Paper

An advent calendar adds to the excitement of the holiday season. Children love to be included in the holiday spirit, from the food to the decorations. A fun project to do with the youngsters is a paper chain advent calendar. The children decorate individual pieces and put them together in a chain. E

How to Make a Model House With Craft Sticks for Kids

Craft sticks can be used in various ways for several types of projects, including building small models of buildings and houses. Make a miniature house with craft sticks for a rainy day project with your kids or a school project that involves miniature houses. The sticks work like miniature pieces o

How to Make a Pretty Booking Calendar

Every household or office needs a calendar, but oftentimes they do little more than tell you how far away the weekend is. If you are tired of looking at blank white dates on your appointment schedule, give your calendars a fresh makeover. Make every day something to look forward to with these pretty

How Weaving Machines Work

A loom is a weaving machine that makes cloth. It can be powered by human power, by water, or by some kind of motor. Most looms today are power looms, powered by electricity but for most of human history they were powered by the human body. In the early Industrial Revolution, looms were among the fir

Instructions for a Make It & Bake It Sun Catcher

Makit & Bakit (Make It and Bake It) Sun Catchers, include baking crystals that melt in the oven to form translucent colored sections inside a metal frame. Follow the instructions for a Makit & Bakit Sun Catcher to create beautiful decorations to hang in your windows at home or to give as gifts. The

How to Burn Olive Oil in an Oil Lamp

Vegetable oils, such as olive oil, continue to provide an effective, reliable source of fuel for oil lamps. Olive oil also burns inexpensively -- taking eight hours to burn just one ounce -- with a small wick and flame. If you don't have an oil lamp, make one in less than an hour.

Recyclable Wraps for Greener Holidays

Our preferred festive season is right here, and it really is time for you to wrap up individuals offers for friends and family members. Nonetheless, have you given a believed about just how much wrapp