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Starting Your Own Construction Business

Many successful businessmen in the construction industry started out their journey in this career from the bottom, they know most of the things they need to know from first-hand experience of things. Now, if you've been working in this industry for quite some time, hoping to take a leap of fait

A Career in Pharmacy Technician

These roles and duties are very dynamic. The opportunity to work with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, chemists, biologists, researchers, in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, research companies, and government organization make career a nice choice for whoever ...

Thank You Letters - Sample Interview Thank You Letter

Thank you letter example for after a technical job interview. Use this interview thank you letter as a guideline for writing your thank you letter. Includes links to other thank you letters and guidelines.

Can Sailors Carry an Umbrella While in Uniform?

Like other branches of the military, individuals in the Navy are subject to a strict dress code. The Navy's uniforms are tightly controlled by strict regulations. Even with such well-regimented uniforms, sailors in the Navy are allowed to carry an umbrella while in uniform as long as it meets certai

Government Programs That Help Ex-Offenders Get Jobs

Getting a job after incarceration is often a challenge, but there are certain government programs that assist in the transition from prison to work. Some of these programs provide tax incentives for employers who hire former prisoners, while others bond ex-convicts to increase their chances of findi

The Advantages of Bank Tellers

The position of bank teller can be ideal for the right image by Pefkos from Fotolia.comBank tellers are customer service agents for banks who interact with patrons and assist them in making their financial transactions. Tellers fulfill a vital function for banks because...

Reasons to Give to Your Boss to Quit a Job

Avoid supervisor backlash when leaving a job by providing a legitimate reason for the departure.boss shouting image by Kit Wai Chan from Fotolia.comQuitting a job is more than just slamming the door and heading out to a better opportunity. It is important to leave on good terms regardless...

4 Terrific Job Interview Questions You Should Ask Companies

Ask excellent job interview questions to turn the tables on the potential employer. This enables you to illustrate how smart you are through switching up the normal interview format of passively sitting by while being scrutinized by a hiring manager.

How to Get MSDS Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets detail information about workplace substances so that employees understand the hazards associated with certain products and handle them safely. Manufacturers of such chemicals publish the information so workers can take proper steps in the event of a spill or other emerge



Jobs in Need During Recession

With recession around the corner, it is always a question as to which industry will stay and which will go. There will always be tension whether one will maintain his job or not. Will I have a job tomorrow when I wake up?


Glossary of United States Military words and phrases -- BLS

Job Description of a Development Planner

As the U.S. population grows, cities and suburbs expand. Development planners play an important role in managing this type of growth. With a mind for creativity and organization, these problem-solvers figure out the best ways to use land. Development planners are also known as urban and regional pla

Profit Sharing Information

The comic strip "Dilbert" rose to phenomenal popularity in the 1990s by using cynical humor to depict how dehumanizing the corporate workplace can be. But CEOs want their employees to feel personally connected to the workplace, which is why--according to an April 2010 article in Inc. Magazine--profi

What Are Some Restaurant Job Shift Leader Skills?

The shift leader has a vital role in the good running of a restaurant, providing close supervision to staff in a stressful environment and making difficult decisions when problems arise. A bad shift leader will create tension in the restaurant, make staff unhappy and provide an unsatisfactory experi

How to Enter the Airforce With a GED

Enlisting in the United States Air Force requires a high school diploma. While there are provisions for individuals who have a General Equivalency Degree (GED) in place of a diploma to enlist, there are a number of additional restrictions and criteria placed on them to ensure a long-term dedication

Biblical Principles in the Workplace

Is the office an appropriate place for incorporating Bible-based principles? Successful business leaders say, "Yes," but what does the law say?

How to: Grant Writing From Home

Grant writing from home can be a great way to earn extra money as a writer or supplement a full-time freelance writing career. The most important attributes of a successful at-home grant writer are excellent writing, researching and organizational skills and strong self-discipline.