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Paying Bills on Time

How many monthly bills do you get? You may have a mortgage bill, a car payment, heating, electricity, gas, telephone, television, and that doesnt even begin with your credit card and store card payments.

What is the Importance of a Money Healing Program?

You will be well aware of the fact that Money Healing is the process of helping people to retain their money and get relieved from debts and credits. The importance of these programs cannot be just explained in simple sentences.

Getting a Credit Card Even With Bad Credit

There are many reasons that people have bad credit. Defaulting on student loans, car loans or not paying credit cards on time are common reasons. Some people have bad credit because of their spouse, because they were forced to declare bankruptcy, or because they were saddled with medical bills they

How to Protect Credit Card Information During Purchases at a Distance

Retailers, banks and major credit card companies use a variety of standard methods to protect your credit card information. Although many of these methods are effective, additional protections and precautions are available, and can help to ensure that your transactions --- including those made onlin

Getting Help for the Credit Problems

Having a credit can be sweet at first, but as the time passes, you realize that it brought more problems than solving. If you think you can't handle the credit issues on your own, you are advised to seek for professional help. Even though it may not be very cheap, credit counseling can help you

All Access Visa - Prepaid Card Review

Review of the prepaid All Access Visa. How the card works including: how to deposit money, use bill pay, and your free savings account.

How to Improve My Credit Score by Adding an Authorized User

An authorized user on a credit card account is an individual that has the right to use the card but does not have the legal obligation to pay debt acquired through the use of the card. Having someone add you as an authorized user to their credit card account can positively affect your credit score.

What Happens After Getting a Summons for Not Paying a Credit Card?

If you miss a credit card payment, the credit card company will begin making telephone calls and sending letters to give you an opportunity to bring your account current. However, if you continue to miss payments and ignore your creditor's collection attempts, the creditor may file a lawsuit against

Finding A Mortgage When You Have Bad Credit

Often at times in our lives we hit troubles, and often those troubles are of the financial kind. Having a bad credit history is not necessarily something you meant to happen, and often arises though some event that you have had no control over, such as losing your job for example. If you have a poor

Think You Know Everything That Hurts Your Credit Score? Make Sure!

Your credit score dictates if you qualify for a loan and what interest rate you might be charged. You can get one copy of your credit report annually, but be sure you also check your FICO or credit score. Knowing that number is half the job, knowing how to get it as high as possible and keep it ther

Foreclosure defense tactics you can try

Mortgages are complex instruments and еven non-predatory mortgages саn be explored tо offer thе borrower ѕevеrаl defenses agаinѕt foreclosure. Additionally еvеry day mortgage lenders аlong wіth state

What Factors Will Help Determine How Much Credit Costs?

The cost of credit is dependent on many factors. Personal financial responsibility combined with Federal Reserve Board's decisions and actions work to determine how much the privilege of credit will cost. Knowing and understanding how these factors work together can help you make smart decisions and

Credit & Credit Cards

An introduction to credit that walks you through understanding the importance of credit and teaches you how to build a solid credit history.

How To Improve A 550 Credit Score

When I had a 550 credit score, it was almost impossible to get credit. In fact, for a while there I honestly believed that it was completely impossible. The problem with that is that your ...