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Rules for Keeping Tax Copies

Keep tax copiesTAX TIME image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comThe IRS rules for keeping tax copies will depend on your situation. You can keep the records longer than what is recommended by the IRS, but if your taxes were filed correctly, you can use the IRS timetable for recordkeeping. There...

Do People on SSI Disability Need to File Taxes?

The first step in filing a tax return is deciding whether you are actually required to file. Fortunately, the government has very clear guidelines that set a limit on how much income you can earn before filing a return. Unknown to many people, however, is that some categories of income are exempt fr

Who Pays the Real Estate Transfer Tax?

There are a lot of terms you need to know when you're buying or selling a home, and most of them involve the exchange of money. One item you might see on documents at the closing is a "real estate transfer tax." Some states charge such a tax, but others don't. How it's determined and who pays it dep

What Tax Deductions Are Still Available to Me?

Tax reform measures are enacted frequently by Congress, which makes it hard for U.S. taxpayers to know which deductions are currently available to help lower their tax liability. In fact, the head of

Should I File Taxes Joint or Single?

Choosing the wrong filing status could mean that you pay more tax than you're required to pay, or worse, that you are not in compliance with IRS guidelines. It is important that you understand the tax implications of whatever filing status you choose. The first fact to be taken into consideration wh

Federal Income Tax Refund Questions

The Internal Revenue Service is the federal agency solely responsible for collecting federal income tax. The federal income tax collection process is governed by a set of guidelines and laws that regulate how much tax you pay on what income and what paperwork to use to file your...

Things To Do When Filing Manhattan Tax Returns

The government of New York mandates that any person who dwells or works in the state, whether it is on a full time or part time basis, needs to submit a state income tax return along with their federa

Freelance Tax Deductions

If you are a freelancer, it means you are self-employed. As a result, you are solely responsible not only for your day-to-day business operations but also for your own advertisement, marketing, insurance and retirement benefits. Congress knows that you need to provide these things for yourself and h

Oklahoma Alimony Marriage & Divorce Statutes

Oklahoma has specific laws that govern when people can get married and divorced. While some divorces do have alimony awards associated with them, alimony is not required in the state of Oklahoma in every divorce case. Always talk to a qualified Oklahoma family law attorney if you need legal advice a

The Advantages of Medicare

Medicare is a health insurance program developed by the federal government. It is available to those who have reached the age of 65, have a permanent disability or are afflicted with end stage renal disease. Medicare Parts A and B cover hospital care and and doctor visits. Part C, otherwise known as

Can You File Taxes if Your Only Income Was Unemployment?

When tax time comes around, you are required to file state and federal tax paperwork based on your income for the previous year. Typically, this requires filing based on your earnings at work. If your only income was from unemployment benefits, however, you may be confused as to whether you actually

Use Tax Avoidance to Your Business Advantage

Tax avoidance is something that your business can sure use. With it, your company and business can get the necessary tax breaks as allowed by law which can lead to more savings for your company. Take advantage of tax avoidance measure and get expert and professional tax planners.

How to Get Out Of Tax Debts?

Running into huge amount of tax debts can lead to ugly confrontations with the internal revenue services. However, there is a way out, which is reliable and safe. A reputed online tax relief services

Can You Get a Deduction for New High-Efficiency Washers?

Protecting the environment and saving money on bills are two reasons to purchase energy-efficient appliances. A high-efficiency washer is one appliance that can qualify for rebates and tax credits. Depending on the state, a high-efficiency washer may qualify for both federal and state programs.

What Are the Stipulations to Filing Married But Separate on Income Tax?

"Married filing separately" is a tax status that some married couples claim when filing income taxes. Four other filing options are available to taxpayers: married filing jointly, single, widow(er) and head of household. Married filing separately is the appropriate choice for couples who prefer to k

The Social Cost Of Chewing Gum

The idea behind this article is not really about chewing gum. The idea came when discussing a world famous investment approach. I don't think it to be very special but in particular reckoned that any company that looks like a winner or otherwise outperforms others in growth of profits, could en

Get Started With an SR and ED Claim

Canadian-controlled private corporations looking to get that extra boost for research and development and other relevant efforts can earn an investment R&D tax credit. Canada offers an investment tax credit for any Scientific Research and Experimental Development carried out in the country. The reli

Claiming Education Expenses on Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service offers three ways to claim tax breaks for post-secondary education expenses: the Hope Credit that is also called the American Opportunity Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and the tuition and fees deduction. However, you can only claim one. Usually, the Hope Credit o