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Farrah Fawcett's Battle with Anal Cancer

Hollywood actress Farrah Fawcett was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006 and continues to fight the disease. Learn more about her diagnosis and what treatments she has chosen.

Will Using Insulin Leave You Vulnerable to Cancer?

Insulin is a hormone which is prescribed to diabetics to help them manage their blood sugar levels. It's a highly anabolic hormone as well, which does lead to muscle growth not possible with any other compound or steroid. Today's crop of professional bodybuilders are easily 30 pounds heavi

What to Do Before a Doctor's Appointment

What should you do before each doctor's appointment to get the most out of your visit? Read all about how to prepare for a routine doctor's appointment.

4 Pancreatic Cancer Causes

There are no official preventative measures that can be taken to ensure one won't develop pancreatic cancer.However, by being aware of the 4 pancreatic cancer causes you are in a much better position since you can at least suspect the disease if you start developing its symptoms.

Neem - a curative for cancer:

Neem has been a curative solution for many disease and infections. Unique properties of Neem thus pave a way of hope and solution for the cancer patients as we all know that cancer is considered one o

Prevent Cancer By Good Food

It is mainly a sickness within of the whole body tissues as well as the microscopic products that type and fix tissues and organs that provide necessary protein and energy-producing compounds the whol

Diagnosis For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer kills many men over the age of 70. Information about regular screenings and symptoms can help a man protect himself.

Lung Cancer: Treatment & Care

Start with the links to basic information on lung cancer treatment and care. Then move on to the more detailed information. Take your time -- there's a lot to learn.

Critical Facts - Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is an essential mineral to understand because inhaling this hazardous substance might be fatal. Understand a couple of very important details about asbestos removal and when it should be done.

Early Detection for Kidney Cancer

Early detection of kidney cancer is significant. As with most types of cancer, the earlier the tumor is revealed, the better a patient's possibilities for survival. Tumors found out at an initial stage frequently react well to treatment

Tumeric Cancer Cell Killer

Curcumin, a natural pigment that gives turmeric its glorious yellow color, has been shown by new research out of Ireland to kill esophageal cancer cells in the lab, suggesting tumeric health benefits might include an anti-cancer treatment. A team out of Cork Cancer Research Center treated esophageal

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Men with advanced prostate cancer have several treatment options. The choice of treatment depends on age, personal preference and how far advanced the cancer is. Prostate cancer is considered to be advanced when it has spread (metastasized) beyond the prostate gland to other areas of the body. There

Skin Cancer and Sun - What Are the Dangers?

When the sun is sitting high in the sky many folks set off for a day at the beach to bake their bodies in the sun. We now know that exposure to the sun can cause us major harm to our skin.

How Potent Is Your Pineal Gland?

How Potent is Your Pineal Gland? The Pineal Gland is a little cone-shaped gland that is tucked away deep in the brain. Although it is a tiny gland, it plays a very important role in ...