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Ways to Recover Pictures From Digital Cameras

Memory cards can behave abruptly and get corrupt anytime and then there is always a risk of deleting the pictures accidentally. To safeguard pictures from loss, an updated backup proves a real help. And, in case there is no backup maintained, a Picture recovery tool can be of utmost help.

How to Remove Winav Antivirus

WinPC Antivirus is a malware application designed to mimic an antivirus application. Run under the winav.exe file, WinPC Antivirus will overrun your computer with annoying pop-up windows alerting you to virus infections that are not really there. The application cannot be removed through standard me

Ask Service.exe Error - Fix These Errors Now !

I highly recommend for those looking for the best solution to repair service.exe error - invest a few moments and take a look at the information that follows. It is recommended to quickly check out th

Registry Cleaners and You

Many of us use our computers every day, unaware of the daily assaults they endure from adding and deleting files and programs or simply surfing the internet. Every action a computer does requires accessing its registry, and over time, these actions begin to affect the computer's ability to read

The Best XP Registry Cleaner

XP has been on the market for almost a decade now, but even with a new version of Windows out, millions of people are still relying on XP to power their computers. The only problem is that XP has a big problem - an Achilles Heal known as the 'registry'.

Protect Your Data (Encrypt Important Files)

Medical records, tax documents and other files with personal information are often stored on personal computers. If you don't encrypt files that include personal information, you risk making yourself an easy target for cybercriminals. Encrypted ...

How Do I Disable My Antivirus?

If your computer is connected to the web, it's important to have a functioning anti-virus program installed to ensure your computer is safe and stable. If you intend to disable your anti-virus program permanently to install a new product, it will be better to remove the old product completely. If yo

Repair Corrupt BKF Files by Using Backup Exec Repair

Computer data and information are the most invaluable asset for any computer user. As a computer user we must protect our data and information to avoid any type of data loss. Data backup is the most beneficial and effective technique to avoid the situation of data loss. We can take the backup of our

Restore Photos for the Canon G11 With Recovery Software

The Canon Powershot G11 camera is a fantastic compact camera, and has all the good stuff from its predecessors. Canon has continuously been improving and adding on features to their G-series, and many will agree that this is their best camera to date. It is a very reliable camera, it takes great pho

If Your Lock Could Talk

Locks that allow rental property owners to be in complete control of what is actually going on at their property.

Virus Removal Techniques - 3 Tips for Easy Virus Removal

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to virus software; some good, some not so good. But no matter how good your virus protection software is, none can guarantee that you won't get infected. In the event that you do - here are 3 easy virus removal techniques that most anyone, with a litt

2011 DDoS attacks

Attacks of a new kind According Corero Network Security, we are currently witnessing an increase in attacks of a new genre, more intelligent, they are the application layer. Extremely difficult to identify in the "cloud", ...

Windows Registry Cleanup - 2 Main Cleanup Methods

Windows registry cleanup is one of the most important maintenance procedures that you have to do on a regular basis in order to ensure that your computer performs at its optimum level. The registry of your Windows is one of the crucial parts of your unit because this is where most important data are