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How to Download Drivers for My Video Card

Each component in your computer system requires a device driver to bridge the connection between the piece of hardware and your computer's operating system. Video card drivers, issued by the video card's manufacturer, are often updated with security and error-correction patches. Windows operating sy

What a Bargain Refurbished HP Computers Are!

I just keep telling everybody, my buddies and family, to only shop for these computers when they are need to purchase a laptop or desktop PC. One of the reasons why I recommend HP renovated PCs and portables is perhaps because you are able to save up to fifty percent off the cost of a new HP PC or d

How to Remove a Trojan Virus

A Trojan virus is faulty computer program that can infect remote computers by changing the desktop or deleting important files. Generally called a Trojan Horse, it appears as a legitimate file or software from a trusted source, therefore tricking users into opening it or downloading it. Take action

How to Fix Mouse & Keyboard Problems

A working mouse and keyboard are integral to computing. When problems with your mouse and keyboard arise, their source can range from hardware malfunctions to software incompatibility. It is important to know where to look to troubleshoot your peripheral devices, ensure the hardware is correctly con

How to Put Your iPad in the Case

Protect your Apple iPad by placing it in a case when you aren't using it. Choose from a variety of case types, zipper, portfolio or sleeves; fabrics, nylon, leather or cloth; and price ranges, from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars for a designer cover. For the iPad 2, you can also buy an Apple i

How to Disable the Onboard Audio in an eMachine

Unlike desktop computers with sound cards, eMachines, as with other laptops and netbooks, have onboard audio devices known as integrated sound processors. The integrated processors are part of the computer's motherboard and may not be physically removed. However, the onboard audio in the eMachine ma

Instructions for Adding RAM to Compaq Nc6220

The Compaq nc6220 may have 256MB, 512MB or 1GB of RAM preinstalled. RAM is upgradeable to a maximum amount of 2GB in this model, so the nc6220 does not come with its maximum RAM amount preinstalled. Increasing RAM can be the easiest and fastest way to improve computer performance.

How to Take a DV6000 Laptop Apart

When your HP DV6000 laptop has hardware issues, such as sudden shutdowns, a power short or an overheating issue, you often have to take it completely apart to access the device that needs repair or replacing. This requires the removal of most of the plastic case and other computer devices. If you d

Toshiba Laptop Dead Pixel Policy

Toshiba is a Japanese electronics company that manufactures and markets televisions, DVD and DVR players and recorders, desktop computers, tablets and laptops. Many of these gadgets use liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for their electronics' screens, including its laptops. LCD screens are vulnerable t

Emachine W3650 Motherboard Specs

For its motherboard, the eMachines W3650 -- a deskop PC package from eMachines that was released in 2008 -- uses the ECS 945GCT-M3. This component is the product of Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd., an electronics manufacturer based in Taiwan. The 945GCT-M3 also goes on computers from Gateway,

Windows Vista DVD Burner Installation

A personal computer just isn't quite right without a DVD burner. DVD's can be used to backup personal data, store photo albums, and easily transfer large files to other computers. They are invaluable tools in the modern PC. If your PC doesn't have a DVD burner, you should take the time to install on

What Is a Print Head?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a print head is "usually a movable part of a printer that contains the printing elements." The print head applies the ink to the paper. The average print head life is about 200 million characters or 3,500 pages A4 size pages (60 rows with 80 characters per ro

Why Is Corporate Functionality a Very Essential Feature in Tablet PC?

The business community is keenly watching the innovations, which are unfolding in the portable devices such as Android tablet PC, iPhones, smartphones and iPads. Today, business executives are increasingly becoming mobile as they move from one place to another for business reasons. The traditional a

How to Adjust a Computer Power Supply

The preset power settings on your computer can drain your computer's battery source or it may slowly run up your electricity bill. There are ways to adjust your PC's power drag so that your computer will go to sleep or hibernate when it is not being used, which works similar to a screen saver. These

How to Determine the USB Power

You need to determine the USB power of your computer to find out if your USB port's supply is sufficient to power your devices. If you attach a device that draws too much power, it will not work. If you hook too many electronic devices to your bus-powered USB hub, you might ask your computer too muc

How to Use the Password in Skype

To create an account on Skype you will need to select a password between six and 20 characters in length. To protect your information it is important that you select a strong password that cannot be easily guessed. Even a mediocre hacking program can guess a six-character, lowercase password in only

My iMac Is Getting Slow

The iMac is Apple's all-in-one system, with everything necessary to run the computer built into one single frame. They are popular for their large screens and lack of cords and wires. Like any computer regardless of its operating system, your iMac may start to slow down, take longer to boot or lag i

How to Set Up a Webcam As a Home Surveillance Camera to View on PC

Installing a video surveillance system in your home is a good way to find out what is going on when you are not there. However, purchasing and installing a video surveillance system can be expensive and time-consuming. If you only want to observe a certain section of your home, you don't need to buy