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How to Fix a GTA Runtime Error

Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, is a controversial video game series originally released in 1997. Since that time, it has grown in popularity, with more than 10 sequels and original titles filling the series roster today. Nearly every entry in the series has been ported to the PC at some point, and while

How to Install a 32 Bit Application on Windows XP 64 Bit

The advantage of 64-bit operating systems is that they allow a user to utilize more physical RAM in the system, but they are potentially disadvantageous in that certain programs designed for 32-bit operating systems will not properly function in a 64-bit environment. This problem can be circumvented

Free Windows XP Diagnostic Tools

Your RAM is just one of many components that you can identify with a diagnostic tool.ram 2 image by PeteG from Fotolia.comWhether you're planning to upgrade your system, replace broken components or simply brag about your PC's amazing specs, using a diagnostic tool makes identifying and...

How to Fix Low Memory

Low memory errors occur on Windows operating computers when there isn't enough memory for running applications. Programs won't be able to run if your computer is low on memory. Fortunately, a larger page file provides more virtual memory for running applications. Fix low memory problems by increasin

How to Reboot in Safe in Task Manager XP

Safe Mode is a way of troubleshooting your Windows XP system. Safe Mode runs Windows with limited driver support, loading only the essentials for Windows to run properly. Loading the computer in such a limited way allows the user to narrow down the source of trouble. Rebooting the computer and loadi

How to Restore Microsoft XP

Windows XP System Restore returns your computer to the state it was at some point in the past, removing programs installations, software changes and registry modifications done between the time of the restore point and the time the user runs the software. It's completely reversible and one of the ea

Photo Explosion Tutorial

Photo Explosion is a photo-editing software with many options. Three of the most powerful sections are "QuickFix Studio," "Filter Gallery" and "Instant Artist." Use "QuickFix Studio" to fix problems in the original photo, such as red eye, a crooked photo or one that is too dark. The "Filter Gallery"

How To Make LimeWire Connect Faster

With peer-to-peer (P2P) software coming and going, LimeWire remains one of the most popular P2P programs. It is a preferable source to search and download free music and other files shared by peers. Downloading an MP3 is as easy as launching the program, typing a search and waiting for any relevant

How to Find the CyberLink PowerDVD XP Product Key

CyberLink PowerDVD is a DVD-burning program capable of placing video onto a DVD and customizing the selection menu and all other aspects of the video disc. When installing the product, a product key code is required. The code is specific to the program and cannot be found online. Without the code, i

How do I Stop a C0000145 Application Error?

The "Stop C0000145 Application Error" appears when you have a bad file on your startup disk. When the computer boots, the startup disk tries to load an application but is stopped because of the corrupted file. You can fix this problem by using the Windows File Checker. This free program comes preins

How to Update AntiSpy

AntiSpy by Omniquad is an anti-spyware program for Windows PCs. It finds and deletes spyware, prevents the hijacking of web searches and home pages, checks suspicious ActiveX controls and updates itself automatically several times a week. You may also update the software manually, however, and the p

System Registry Recovery

If the system registry becomes corrupted on a Microsoft Windows computer, the computer will usually not start. A recovery of a previously saved version of the system registry file is required. The process depends on the version of Windows.

How Do I Check Registry Key Values With the Windows Command Prompt?

The Windows registry is a database which contains configuration settings for the Windows operating system and programs installed on it. The registry contains keys and values. Keys are similar to folders and contain values as well as subkeys. Each value has a name and contains data. You can check the

How to Create FTP Connections Via Windows Browsers

An FTP connection allows you to add files to your website in order to keep your site fresh for your visitors. Knowing multiple ways to establish a connection to your server gives you options and can help you in an emergency if you are away from your computer. If you do not have access to your FTP cl

How to Disable Windows File Protection, Restore and Backup

Windows comes equipped with operating system features to ensure your computer runs smoothly. Windows File Protection protects system files from being changed, edited or deleted. System Restore restores your system files to an earlier time, should they be disrupted by an improper installation or viru

How to Install Windows XP on an Amilo Xi 2428

The Amilo Xi 2428 is a powerful notebook computer that typically ships with Windows Vista. Although Vista is the default operating system from the factory, you can nevertheless install your old copy of Windows XP to your computer. To do so, you must erase the existing material on the hard drive, so

Problems With the Windows XP Service Pack

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides important service updates to computers using the Windows XP operating system. However, there are many problems often experienced by users of the Windows XP SP2 software program. Some of the users have also experienced issues related to proper installment.

How to Remove Ad Blocking

Ad blocking software blocks intrusions that may corrupt your system or steal information for you. The software, at times, works too well, blocking advertisements that you want to see. You can easily remove ad blocking software through your Windows system. If your ad blocking amounts to pop-up blocki

How to Remove Junk Poly

JunkPoly is a destructive malware threat that has the potential to change security processes in your Windows Task Manager. It may even prevent you from accessing system tools like Windows Registry Editor and System Configuration Utility. JunkPoly may also generate pop-up ads that can slow down the p

Blinkie PSP Tutorial

Blinkies have an apt name because these graphic images blink repeatedly from wherever they appear. Many people use blinkies to share an important message or highlight a favorite item or person. Anyone familiar with the basics of PaintShop Pro (PSP) can learn to make blinkies. Once you learn the proc