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What Childhood Memories Are Made Of - Create Some Today

How fantastic is it when just the smell of a crisp late September Sunday morning brings back the memory of a weekly family tradition? Once the roast lunch was in the oven set to low and the sun had warmed to cast a haze of orange nostalgia over the brown tinged trees at our local woodland that was t

Books on Medical Issues

Browse reviews of parenting books on medical issues from the Harried Parent's Book Club.

Taking Care of Your Preemie

It is a wonderful time to be cherished when a birth of a baby takes place. It is meant to be a joyful time for the new mom and dad as well as family and friends. When that little one decides to come into the world before its time or is not up to weight at birth then there is real cause for concern f

Best Toys for Preschoolers

Toys for preschoolers encourage kids ages 3-5 with developing the ability to talk and communicate in more complex ways, while expanding imaginative play skills to learn to play cooperatively with friends. Some of the best toys for preschoolers often include more challenging building sets, simple boa

Why Do You Need a Baby Sleep Coach?

Are you a new mom who is getting up 3 or more times a night with your baby? Are you feeling guilty because you have a short fuse with your other children and spouse? Are you worried about how much longer you can keep up with this insane schedule?

More Than Just a Provider

For years, the role of a father has been deteriorating to become nothing more than just someone who has the ability to provide for his family. After all, being the bread-winner for the family has been the calling card for males for centuries. It was not until the mid-1900s that women began to provid

How Low Income Families Can Get Free Diapers From Huggies And Others

Many families, especially during this time of year, are having issues keeping up with bills and other responsibilities. When a baby comes, it can cause financial havoc. There are ways low income families can get free diapers and baby supplies to take the burden off.

Buying A Video Baby Monitor As A Gift

If you're thinking about buying a video baby monitor as a gift you may already be feeling little confused and just a little stressed. There are so many baby monitors available these days with so many different features and range in price that it becomes difficult to choose. So before you start

Ethan Luis

Thanks so much to these parents for submitting pictures of their children for the parenting babies and toddlers photo gallery.

Emotional Resilience in Children

Emotional resilience is the ability to cope with stressful life experiences, disappointments, and challenges in an effective and meaningful way that helps to preserve self-esteem, build social aptitude, and prevent frustration, anger, and even depression. Teaching your child to be emotionally resili

5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Bed on Time

Sleep is one of the most important topics of conversation amongst parents today. Most parents are well aware of the benefits that sleep can have on their children's well being. The quality and quantity of an infant's sleep can be the difference between them being cheerful and alert or grum

The Sandbox Summit Explores Play and Technology

Annually in Boston, toy and technology industry leaders gather together and attend a series of conferences known as the Sandbox Summit. Held at MIT in Cambridge, MA participants discuss the evolving role of play and technology, and what it will mean for the future of children everywhere.

Meet Graco's Modes Travel System!

Looking for a full-size travel system that can also be used as a stroller frame? Learn all about the Graco Modes travel system in this review!

Guiding You To Pick Best Twin Bed Rails For Your Baby

Sleep is a major issue surrounding nurturing children. Without enough sleep, your baby can be irritable. Babies that sleep fully have proper beds, mattresses and enough safety. They quickly nap because their little bodies feel comfortable and relaxed.

How To Give Potty Training For Your Kid

After a specific age, it is very essential to give your child appropriate potty training, so that your child is independent and can do the task on his own. Training in such matters can be very difficu

Diversity Project for Toddlers

Toddlers are not too young to start learning about diversity. These young children are beginning to appreciate differences in other people. Teach them to play diverse games, to appreciate diversity among all people and to make connections between themselves and others so they can see that there are

Run Your Family Like You Run Your Business

The success of your family is very much dependent on how you pull your family together as a team - much like the success of your business depends on you and your employees working as a team.

A Bassinet Can easily Be Invaluable

Many parents will certainly inform you that having a bassinet is a downright necessity, primarily because it is perhaps the leading way to securely as well as easily carry a newborn. If you occupy a ...