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Are Skin Tags Caused By Dehydration?

One of the main problems that we tend to experience throughout our lifetime is a problem with dehydration. As a matter of fact, some of us have been dealing with chronic dehydration since we were very young children.

Eczema Steroid Cream - Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Suffering from eczema for over 20 years has given me a lot of knowledge in the different forms of treatment. After trying every form of treatment my doctor has recommended, I found an excellent regimen that worked for me.

Natural Eczema Treatment - An Alternative Solution

If you're a sufferer of eczema and tired of all the empty promises of all the chemically filled solutions out there, then it's time to consider a natural eczema treatment. There are many benefits to ...

Great Acne Care Skin Tips

Although everyone dreads it, that irksome little pimple can arise at any time. In fact, one or two seem to pop out just when you don't want them to most. It's like they bank on ...

How to Identify True Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare products can do more for the health and beauty of your skin than the common petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients that most cosmetic companies use. But, before you buy a product, you need ...

Top Skin Care Brands and What to Look For in The Best Natural Skin Care Line

There are literally tens of millions of people that depend on the top skin care brands to eliminate their lines and wrinkles, and they are wasting their time and money. Most of the formulas from the top skin care brands are extremely low in quality, and are mostly comprised of chemical agents. Find

The Truth About Serious Skincare

Ever wondered how to get results from your skin care routine? The answer is serious skincare. You're probably wondering what that means. In order for your skin care routine to be serious, you must follow a few simple steps.

Make Your Skin Ready for Winter

Switch to mild cleaning agents. Choose hydrating bath gels, body washes and face cleansers that thoroughly clean and soothe your skin, while retaining natural moisture. Ensure it is a point to apply the moisturiser immediately after bathing or washing your skin, so that the pores absorb moisture and

Eczema Health Center

Find in-depth information on eczema including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and preventing flare-ups.

Treatments offered in med spas

Medical spas are a hybrid between medical clinics and spas offering a mixture of some of the services found in both places. The difference between med spas and other spas is that they have a medical d

Getting Rid of Cellulite

It's without a doubt, that cellulite is the ugliest thing to have on your body as it completely distorts your natural body shape. No one chooses to have it as it appears naturally; it comes from the collagen under the skin more specifically the dermis layer and also come from abnormal patterns

The Best Way To Employ Foundation Adequately

Use of groundwork could be the starting point involving makeup. Whether its wedding planning to Liquid mineral foundation, cosmetics with regard to regular time out, and evening out, ideal applications involving cornerstone is important. But ...

Pain-Free Treatment for Benign Skin Growths

Approximately one in every ten people experiences the occurrence of small skin growths known as skin tags. These benign tumors can appear anywhere on the body, including the face, neck, and chest; they are even ...

Review of Reviv MD Cream

I have been using the cream for about four weeks. I apply it at night and in the morning. The grease-less cream is easily absorbed into my skin and leaves it feeling very soft and smooth.

Rosacea: Was My Face Red!

Although having a "nice, rosy complexion" is usually touted as being a good thing, when my face's skin colour grew from rosy to red and became a permanent condition, it was not nearly as appealing. ...