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What Subjects Are Required for Joining Pilot Training Schools?

Taking flight begins with pilot-training school, but preparation can begin long before you test for a pilot certificate. Chart a scholastic course that will help ready you for the challenges of pilot-training school and the knowledge requirements of earning a pilot certificate.

How Are Brass Cartridges Produced?

A brass cartridge is the largest part of ammunition. It holds the powder and the bullet, along with a primer in its end that is called the "rim." The rim is part of the "head," which leads to the "body" and then to the "shoulder" and the "neck" into which the bullet fits. When the primer is struck b

What Seasons Are Flash Floods Common?

A flash flood is not so much a seasonal phenomenon as one that is connected to particular weather conditions. It can be a sudden and high flow of water in a dry area, or a sudden increase in the flow of a stream or creek. The increased flow may be caused by the failure of a natural or human-made dam

How Does a Waste Incinerator Work?

Waste IncineratorsWaste incinerators, though there are a large variety of them, usually consist of several different parts. These parts include: the rotary kiln (the primary combustion chamber), an afterburner (the secondary combustion chamber), and an air pollution control and monitoring...

How to Identify Types of Teeth on Animal Skulls

Identifying the teeth can be the first step toward discovering what type of animal the skull belonged to, and what that animal ate. Herbivores have flat, broad teeth that are good for grinding plant matter, while carnivores have sharp, pointy teeth that are used to tear meat. Omnivores, which includ

Wood Burner Tools

Wood burning, more often known as "fire writing" or "pyrography" (from the Greek "pyro" for fire and "graphos" for writing), is an artistic discipline in which artists burn designs into wood using a variety of pens. Similarly to how a pencil artist may keep several kinds of pencils available for doi

Glass Apothecary Jar Uses

An apothecary is the historical term for a pharmacist used in Europe, especially in England and Ireland. Apothecary jars are lidded, glass containers that were traditionally used to hold medicines and tinctures, but today the term is used to describe any lidded glass jar, bottle, dish or canister. F

Information on the Groups of the Periodic Table

The periodic table of elements allows us to visualize the elements of the world in an organized way. The main organization most people notice in the periodic table sorts the elements by atomic number. The elements also have organizational structure in 18 vertical groups. Elements in each vertical gr

How to Stretch Traditional Beaver Pelts

As collectors and buyers grade animals pelts on quality and appearance as well as size, receiving top dollar for your beaver pelt depends greatly on how the pelt is prepared. Correct preparation includes the stretching of the pelt as much as the skinning of the pelt, as the iconic shape and size of

What Is a 1080 High on a Weather Map?

Besides temperature and wind velocity, meteorologists use differences in air pressure (barometric pressure) to predict weather. In the United States, pressure is measured in inches of mercury or in millibars (abbreviated mb). The barometric pressure at a location, such as 1080 mb, is often posted on

Role of Proinflammatory Cytokines

Cytokines are small chemical messengers that are produced to cause certain changes in cells and blood vessels. Proinflammatory cytokines exist to cause changes that allow the immune system to gain access to tissues. Because the cells of the immune system are usually trapped in the circulation, proin

How to Convert Therms to KWH

Therms, abbreviated thm, and kilowatt hours, abbreviated kWh, both measure heat energy usage in commercial settings, such as the amount of heat supplied to a building as recorded on a heating bill. The therm comes from the Greek word "therme" and equals about 29.3 kWh. Having this conversion factor

How to Calculate Satellite Orbit

With a few calculations, it is possible to determine the amount of time it takes for a satellite to make one trip around the planet it orbits. The satellite is considered a small body, and the planet is a larger, central body. A satellite could be a piece of man-made equipment broadcasting data as i

How to Create an Erupting Volcano Science Project

Volcanoes contain hot lava which is produced in the earth's core and flows through cracks in the earth's crust. A volcano is built up over thousands of years, as the pressure of underneath pushes up the layer of crust. The crater of the volcano is the active opening where lava and gases are released

How to Do Fire Lapping on Barrels

Fire lapping is the process of firing projectiles with varying grits of lapping compound through the rifle's bore. The purpose is to gradually smooth and polish microscopic burrs, scratches and tooling marks left in the bore during the manufacturing process. A smooth bore contributes to longer barre

What Are the Different Parts of the Compound Microscope & Its Meaning?

Despite several centuries of innovation and the complexity of some models, compound light microscopes share a similar design. This shared design may be seen in the microscope's optical train, which follows the light from its source through the microscope's optical components, the specimen and into t

How to Catch Fresh Water Grass Shrimp

Grass shrimp, or Palaemonetes, are a genus of freshwater and brackish water shrimp commonly found living among plants such as hydrilla and eelgrass. They make excellent live bait, especially for larger game fish. You can learn how to catch fresh water grass shrimp in a few steps.

How to Form a Hill Mountain With Model Clay

Creating a mountain with clay is an excellent method to explore the way geological shapes are carved, crumbled and reformed in nature. You can create a mountain for a number of reasons – serving as a backdrop for a presentation, acting as the base of a volcano, or accurately representing the h

Why Is it Important for DNA to Copy Itself?

The physical features of people who lived nearly 200,000 years ago are very close to the physical features of modern humans. The only way people could be very close to the same now as they were so long ago is if whatever controls inheritance is very accurate. Since the 1950s people have known that t

How to Make a Flamingo Out of Fun Foam

Anyone who has used fun foam knows how it got its name. Fun foam is a blast. These soft, pliable sheets of foam are sold in an array of colors, thicknesses and sizes at most arts and craft stores. By choosing a couple of sheets and the proper supplies, you can make a flamingo out of fun foam in seve