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The Wonderful Hobby of Quilting

Many people like to create things with their hands because they possess a creative talent. These folks often become woodworkers or artists and create custom pieces for many purposes. Others opt to make crafts or articles of clothing to keep or present as gifts.

Want to Know Something About The Commercial Bee Keeping - A Guide

Commercial bee keeping has taken multi dimensional proportions since the onset of modern day civilisation. To say in a few words, a single bee keeper today is capable enough to maintain at least 50000 bee hives using the services of bee workers who take this as a profession and a means of livelihood

Advances in Die Cast Processes

Die-casting is a widely used technique to inexpensively create metallic parts for a variety of applications.The process of die-casting has been in use for hundreds of years, but innovations in techniques and materials have improved the efficiency of the process and the quality of the final product.

How to Repair an Antique Meat Scale

Antique meat scales provide a nice piece of history and can be a decorative addition to most home decors. Highly collectible and used in trade for centuries, there are many varieties of antique scales on the market today. Repairing one can pose a bit of a challenge but can be done with a little ef

Shearling Care

Shearling and lambskin require special attention. Handling these items with care will ensure a long life for your garment

Decorating Equipment and How to Take Care of It

In addition to the main equipment described the interior decorator will require one or two buckets and, provided the buckets are cleaned out each time they are used, any kind of household bucket used generally in the home may be used for decorating as well. The useful life of any tool or piece of eq

Crayola Peace Tin - 1995

these tins include the tins produced since 1990, with only a few missing. The Price Guesstimate are just that, a guess and estimate combined! Prices of course depend on the market, where it is being purchased and condition

2011 Best Pottery Products

Here are the best pottery products in ten categorioes, as choosen by potters in the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards on

How to Choose the Best Samurai Sword

You may be fancying the idea of owning a samurai sword. It could be cool you think, but you are hesitant because for you it is hard to know a good samurai sword from a bad one. In some ways, it's pret

Paper Mittens Craft

Follow these instructions to make simple, paper mittens. Great for decorating a wall or window.

Precious Moments to Commemorate Your Great Moments

There are many moments in your life that you want to remember. You probably have no idea how to do this or what you need to remember them. Sometimes you give someone a gift to commemorate a special day.

Jewellery Making Tips and Techniques

Making jewellery can be an enriching hobby and a great way to make personalised presents for friends. If you really start to enjoy it, it can also start to become a profitable small business.

Most Popular Toys for Children

We live in a day and age where innovation has overruled the blamelessness that youngsters once had. Indeed at the most youthful ages, kids are defenseless to TV, machines, and all different types of innovation ...

How to Make Antique Dolls

Antique dolls are a classic collector's item. They are quite valuable and, consequently, quite expensive as well. Most antique dolls are made from porcelain and adorned in Victorian, medieval and vintage clothing from past eras. To create your own doll, you can create a porcelain doll and design it