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How to Preserve Tree Bark on Furniture

With the right care, furniture made from trees with the bark left intact can last for 100 years or more, especially items made from birch bark. Tree bark on log furniture adds a rustic, artistic touch to any home. However, tree bark can attract insects and become damaged by fluctuating humidity leve

How to Use Laminate Flooring in Kitchens

Laminate comes in many different styles such as mock stone, wood, and tile. Due to the construction of laminate, it's very durable and scratch resistant. It will not bruise and dent from high heels or other wear and tear, as a real wood floor does. The installation of laminate is also easier than ot

Roof Underlay Leak Problems

The roof underlay or underlayment is a layer of material below the roofing that helps protect the house from leaks, heat loss and other problems. Underlayments can be plastic membranes or felt paper, and are used most often in areas where leaks are likely, or when using specific roofing materials, s

Double Pane Vs. Low-E Glass

Windows and doors let sunshine in and let people and things in and out of a home or building; however, they both contribute to energy loss, through a technical process called fenestration. According to the California Energy Commission, close to 30 percent of your energy dollars leave through your do

About Entry Doors

A business that operates behind a solid, dingy white door is a stark contrast to one that has a beautiful glass door that is surrounded by flowers and ferns. An entry door to a residence or business should be obvious and inviting, not hidden and gloomy.

Installation of a Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are popular in commercial buildings as well as residential basements. They allow you to access pipes, electrical wiring, water lines and ductwork that finished drywall ceilings don't. Suspended ceilings are popular in finished basements because they provide a finished look, sound

Tile Removal Tips

Hard tiles like ceramic, marble or slate are affixed in place with mortar, a form of cement. In addition, they have grout, another form of cement, laid between the tiles. This keeps the tiles in place, but is also the reason they can be so difficult to remove or replace. The best method...

How to Make a Lace Cardigan

You just put on your cutest minidress, and you're ready to enjoy a big date night. You have the perfect accessories, and your shoes are fabulous, but something is missing. It's a little chilly out, but none of your cardigans match your "date night look." You shouldn't have to spend the who

If I Seal Travertine Tiles Before Grout, Will the Grout Fill the Holes?

Sparkling quartz crystals, unusual colorful veining and the occasional fish or shell fossil in the body of travertine tile have one thing in common: They are all part and parcel to stone's diverse and often holey, pitted structure. Lime and mineral deposits in the stone are the most common cause of

Manufactured Home Parks in Florida

There are plenty of manufactured home parks to choose from in Florida. As a warm-weather state that attracts a high percentage of retirees, many parks require at least one member of the family to be 55 years old. Others are not so picky and gear themselves more toward families with...

How to Install a Floor Register on Top of the Carpet

After you install carpet in a room, you may need to cut openings for floor registers. Floor registers are vents from the heating and air conditioning system that allow warm or cool air to enter into the room. When installing carpet, place a marker on the wall so you know the general area of the regi

How to Hang a Wind Sock

Windsocks are decorated pieces of circular fabric that catch the wind as it blows past. Windsocks can be humorous, support teams or organizations, can be shaped as objects, or are beautifully decorated. Windsocks are similar to windchimes but most windsocks do not make any noise. Windsocks are usefu

How to Build a Small Cabin for Cheap

For an outdoor enthusiast, a small cabin can be an ideal vacation spot or even a primary home. If you enjoy clean mountain air, lush forests and the sounds of nature, a small cabin may be just up your alley. Unfortunately, many people let finances put a halt to any building plans they may have, but

How to Seal an Asbestos Pipe

Many older homes were built using asbestos insulation and pipes. At that time, builders and health officials did not know of the many health-related problems, including cancer, that prolonged exposure to asbestos could cause. Today, the many dangers of asbestos are known and most building supplies t

How to Compare Home Replacement Window Services

There are many companies that repair, install, and replace home windows. Choosing an experienced window replacement company can help ensure your new windows are as energy efficient as they can be, for decades to come.

How to Lay Tile Floors With a Wire Mesh

Using wire mesh to support a tiled floor is common in residential installations where a wood subfloor exists. Placing the welded mesh fabric directly onto the wood floor, and then placing a bed of mortar to which the tile is adhered creates an extra bit of reinforcement for the floor. This method fo

Building a Free-Standing Deck

A wooden free-standing deck can add value and beauty to your home. It can also increase the usable surface area of your yard and give you a foundation for a hot tub, or patio furniture.This is a fairly easy project to complete, if you are comfortable with power tools such as a circular saw and

How Earthworms Break Down Cellulose in Woodchips

Earthworms ingest organic matter and aid in its breakdown. Vermicomposting, or composting with worms, demonstrate the breakdown process. Carbon-rich materials, such as wood chips, fallen leaves, peat moss and shredded paper serve as the perfect media for such composting.

Uses for a Link-Belt

Modern Link-Belt excavators are manufactured in several models.excavator image by dinostock from Fotolia.comLink-Belt machines have a long history of providing solutions to farmers and excavators. The first Link-Belt machine was invented in Iowa in the late 19th century to meet the needs...

How to Seal a Pole Barn Sliding Door

A pole barn is a farming structure that is intended for storing hay and livestock. It is traditionally constructed of a roof extended over a series of wooden poles or posts. The advantage of a pole barn is it often features an easily accessible design, creating a larger capacity for storage items. S