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How to Clean a PC With a Vacuum

A computer, like any other home appliance, needs to be cleaned regularly to preserve both its appearance and its function. Keyboards often collect food crumbs and other residue, while vents and the outside casing of the hard drive collect dirt, hair and other elements. A vacuum cleaner, when used pr

How to Clean and Maintain Pools and Services

Pools come with quite a bit of upkeep. Regular cleaning is required, as well as chemical monitoring to keep the water at the appropriate pH, sanitation and circulation levels. Once it's cleaned, maintenance is essential throughout the season, from the time you open the pool in the spring to the time

How to Clean Mattress Odors

When you snuggle down at night to go to sleep, the last thing you want is an unpleasant mattress odors. A variety of factors cause mattress odor, such as urine stains, mildew, perspiration or other factors in your bedroom's environment. Before tackling the mattress odor, consider what might be the c

What Makes Wooden Floors Shine?

If you have wooden floors in your home, you may be on a quest to make them shine like new. No matter if your floors are unfinished, prefinished or finished, there are products and methods available to make them shine and sparkle. Some of the methods are more labor-intensive than others, but all brin

How Can I Clean My Sofa Myself?

Sofas come into contact with considerable dirt and debris, especially in homes with pets and children. Routine sofa cleaning does not require the assistance of a professional cleaning agency, but if you do plan to clean your sofa yourself, you will need to adhere to some important precautions. Impro

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove

Your stainless steel stove is the gleaming centerpiece of your kitchen, except when you actually use it. Then it quickly becomes a gunked-up, caked-up, smudged up, ugly appliance. Rather than throw a cloth over the thing or simply start eating out all the time, you can clean a stainless steel stove

Fecal Stain Removal From Clothes

Removing fecal stains can be fairly simple when you use the correct cleaning elements. While there are several retail cleaning products available, many times these items are high-priced and too expensive for the average budget. Instead, make your own homemade stain removal solution from common ingre

How to Clean Grout With Bleach

Grout can be a problem area in the bathroom, kitchen, entry way or any other area where you have laid tile. These fine seams collect dirt, dust and debris easily and can become stained and discolored over time. Bleach is an effective way to clean grout, but you should be careful to use the proper bl

Types of Steamers

Bamboo steamers are easy to use.steamed asian cabbage rolls 2 image by Brett Mulcahy from Fotolia.comThere are a variety of steamers you can use around the house, all of which have a different purpose. Whether you want to get wrinkles out of your blouse before work, relax over a steaming...

How to Get Ink Off Linoleum

Linoleum is convenient for wiping up things like mud or food, but it can take stains easily. Ink dripped onto linoleum can leave a permanent stain unless action is taken right away. Knowing what to do about ink on linoleum can help you keep your linoleum looking good.

How to Take Off Stickers on Metal Surfaces

Stickers -- printed paper, plastic or foil adhered to surfaces with glue -- are used as labels or decoration on a wide array of items containing metal, including appliances, electronics and school lockers. Sticker glue is designed to create a semi-permanent-to-permanent bond to a surface. As a resul

How to Stain a Sanded Old Treated Wood Deck

Staining a deck can completely change the look of the wood and your home. Work outside on a cool day to prevent the stain from drying too quickly. Choose a few days to work when you know it is not going to rain. Staining involves leaving the wood to dry for at least several hours, but it may take se

How to Refurbish a White Bedroom Suite

Revamp a tired and worn bedroom suite by adding style and color to furniture. Use paint and a variety of decorative faux finish techniques to transform your old, white bedroom suite into a new, modern look. Repaint the furniture a fresh coat of white or choose a different color for a total transform

How to Get Stains Out of a White Dress

Staining your clothes is frustrating, but if it's a dark fabric, the stain may be unnoticeable after laundering. With a white dress however, a stain is likely to stand out and glare back at you whenever you look at it. If your white dress is washable, you can attempt to get the stain out yourself wi

Commercial Carpet FAQ

Carpet is used to cover floors in residential and commercial buildings. Buyers in both of these markets may choose commercial carpeting due to its enhanced strength and durability. Commercial carpet is designed to withstand heavy use while requiring minimal maintenance and up-keep.

How to Clean Refrigerator Mold With White Vinegar

Refrigerators are a common location for mold growth because they are dark, have high levels of moisture and have food left in them for long periods of time. If you see visible evidence of mold or smell a musty odor in the refrigerator, you should clean it immediately. While you can choose from a wid

DIY Window Washing Fluids

Some types of window washing fluid can leave behind residue instead of giving you a streak-free shine. You may also want to make your own window washing fluid when you do not want to bother with a trip to the auto supply store. Window washing fluid is fairly inexpensive, but you can make your own so

Non-Scratching Glass Cleaning Powders

There are a variety of cleaners available on the market that can clean light buildup of dirt and grime from glass surfaces. If you need to clean glass surfaces that are excessively dirty from years of neglect, then a powdered cleaner should be used to make the job easier. A variety of powdered clean

How to Remove Fine Scratches From Furniture

You'd swear that the scratch on your coffee table wasn't there yesterday, and you can't remember how it got there. It could be something as simple as the plate holding your late night snack or the cat playing "get the mouse." Of course, it doesn't matter how it happened; the table has some fine scra

How to Keep Cigarette Smell Out of a Closet

If you notice the unpleasant smell of cigarettes in your closet, take action as soon as possible. The strong, offensive smell can be quite bothersome and may set into your clothing and accessories. In addition, the nicotine in cigarettes often gets absorbed into the walls and carpet, making it extre