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Procure a Magnificent Fitted Bedroom Suite For Less

If you use the Internet then you will be able to find various factories that will sell you a fitted suite. Therefore, you will be supplied with all the essential components, delivered straight to your home, without having to pay whatever the extra cost is that a retailer would have charged you. It i

Globba—Growing Dancing Lady Flowers

Tips on how to grow the Glomma plant (dancing ladies) indoors, including advice on watering and propagating to ensure a good bloom.

How to Decorate a House With Fake Plants

Plants can enhance your decor as they symbolize fresh air and the outdoors, as well as introduce color and texture in any room. Use artificial houseplants to decorate rooms that don't receive a lot of sunlight, if your chosen plant wouldn't thrive indoors or if you want the look of houseplants witho

How to Frame a Mirror the Easy Way

It seems like most websites out there are offering mirror framing guides that are incredibly difficult for the average person to do. My wife and I were able to frame our mirror pretty easily by using only a wood saw, miter box, mirror mastic, and measuring tape. Here is what we did Step 1: Purchase

How to Make a Leather Headboard

Making your own leather headboard is a very easy craft project to complete but the impact on your bedroom can be dramatic. You can find the leather, batting and adhesive for this project at online retailers or at your local fabric store. The remaining materials are easily found at your local home im

Tapestries For All - The Jacquard Loom

Once upon a time only kings and emperors could afford fine woven hangings for their walls. They employed staffs of skilled weavers to commemorate battles and weddings in meticulous detail. These craftsmen worked from dawn 'til dusk on giant hi-warp looms, often for as long as a year, to create

PVC Decorating Ideas

Use PVC pipe to decorate your home.te en pvc 45?¡ã image by Marie-Th??r?¡§se GUIHAL from Fotolia.comIt is easy to find PVC pipe at your local hardware or home improvement stores. It is the white plastic-like piping that comes in a variety of sizes and has a large array of connecting...

How to Remove Contact Cement & Formica From an Oak Bookcase

Putting a layer of Formica over your oak bookcase might have been a great idea at the time. It added a different look to the bookcase, modernizing with straight lines and an easy-to-clean surface. Now you want to restore your oak bookcase back to the original state. You can remove the Formica lamina

How to Buy a Pane of Glass

This is a brief guide on how to buy a pane of glass. Its really not that difficult to buy a pane of glass but some people just have never had to deal with the issue and may find this advice helpful.

Native American Drums And Rustic Decor

Did you know that you can use Native American drums for rustic tables in your home? These large drums can make unique coffee or side tables and add a rustic type of charm at the same time. They will pair beautifully with your southwestern style home decor and make a bold and stunning accent in any r

Clever Storage and Space Saving Bathroom Furniture

Toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, shampoo, conditioner€¦. The list of bathroom product goes on and on. Over time we all accumulate far more cosmetics and toiletries than we'll ever need on a day to day basis, ...

Walk in Showers: A Convenient Solution for Many

Walk in showers was a fashion statement up till a few years back but today it has become so popular due to its purposefulness and advantages that you get to see it in every other ...


Timber is a sensible and smart choice when you want to make your mouse stand out from everyone else. Timber is quickly replacing a lot of older versions like oak and maple wood, timber has ...

Teen Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Teens have specific needs in their bedrooms.moody teen image by pixelcarpenter from Fotolia.comDecorating a small bedroom can have some unique challenges. It can be difficult to fit and manipulate furniture in a small space. In addition, teens have specific needs in terms of furniture,...