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Detox for Alcoholism

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, an alcoholism detox program should be monitored by medical professionals and achieve three main goals: help alcoholics safely withdraw from alcohol dependence, provide a humane withdrawal experience that preserves patient dignity and prepare th

Good and Bad Sides to ADHD Drugs

Before we can figure out Ritalin pros and cons we need to know what it is. Ritalin also known as methylphenidate is a stimulant derived from the same family as cocaine. Ritalin, like other stimulant medications, works by increasing the production of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and norepineph

Take Control of Your Life by Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Do your attempts to quit smoking cigarettes wear you out? Does your worsening irritating cough in the morning and difficulty in climbing stairs sap your energy? Perhaps you know all along that these are warnings ...

Major & Minor Sleeping Disorders

Most everyone has experienced occasional sleepless nights of tossing and turning. But for others who deal with continual sleep disorders, it's a daily ritual of trying to get enough sleep. For the 70 million Americans struggling with 100 types of sleep disorders (see Resources), sleep is a rare gift

Drug Abuse Resistance Education Grants

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2009, there were approximately 4.6 million drug-related emergency room visits in the United States. This included abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. Government grants at both the state and federal levels can provide needed fin

3 Steps for Managing Borderline Personality Disorder

Are you looking after methods for Managing Borderline Personality Disorder? This mental condition can be indeed quite distressing to the sufferer and the dear ones as well. Therefore what can you do t

How to Overcome a Fear of Planes

The fear of flying is common: As many as one in three people suffer from it. Degrees of fear can range from mild anxiety to a level of terror that makes the thought of flying or even being near a plane abhorrent. The reasons for this are complex. Statistics show that a person is far more likely to b

Following the Evolution Of An ADHD Preschooler Into Adulthood

While there are many variations of ADHD (attention deficit disorder) there are also a number of common threads. For some parents viewing their ADHD child's possible path without treatment could be helpful in charting a course away from failure and in the tranquil harbor of success. In this arti

Do I Have ADD, ADHD? The Symptoms and Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder

One of the most difficult issues with diagnosing ADD correctly is that there are other medical issues that can cause the same types of symptoms. Thyroid problems, lead intoxication, head trauma and fetal alcohol syndrome have all been known to produce one or many of the problems caused be ADD. This

An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment Option For Everyone

If you or someone you know struggles to cope with their obsessive compulsive disorder, this could be the most important article you read today.This debilitating disease manifests itself as an inability to focus and a desire to spend a lot of time on trivial details of living.It isn't necessaril

Stop Panic Attacks Now For Your Own Good

Whenever someone gets panic attacks for the first time, they thought that it will tag along with them their whole lifetime like a jinx. To add insult to the depressing assumption, many people kept going to therapy sessions or continue to consume medication to help them stop the experience when it ha

Addiction: Is it a Moral Failing?

CEO and founder of Life Works Community discusses how the morality of addiction can be explained through neuroscience, suggesting that addiction is not a moral issue, instead it's a loss of c

Psychological Health and Issues

There are all kinds of psychological disorders. Some come from trauma while others may come from a lifetime of problems. Sometimes things are so bad that our minds take a detour because we simply can't handle what is happening.