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Where Can I Find the Routing Number on a Check?

The routing number is one of three numbers on the bottom of a check that is used to identify a checking account with a particular financial institution. The routing number system was developed by the American Banking Association in 1910. Today there are about 30,000 routing numbers in use.

What Are 401k Retirement Savings Plans?

A 401k plan provides private-sector workers with one of the best opportunities to save and invest for retirement. With company pensions quickly disappearing, it has never been more important for all workers to save and invest for retirement. The high contribution limits and tax savings of a 401k mak

How to Buy Gold Coins in Canada

Canadian gold maple leaf coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint are among the world's most popular gold coins. While Canada has issued gold coins since 1912, in 1979 the mint began issuing maple leaf coins with a purity of 0.9999%, the highest purity level of any gold coin minted by any nation. If

How Can I Send Money to Ghana?

Located in western Africa, Ghana is a former British colony that is home to nearly 25 million people. Many Americans of African ancestry can trace their roots back to that country and region, creating a unique bond between the two countries. That bond extends to family members and friends, which mea

Can a Creditor Require Joint Applications?

Submitting an application for credit or a loan doesn't guarantee approval. Creditors review each submitted application carefully to see if applicants meet the criteria for financing. Sometimes, if one person alone cannot meet a lender's criteria, approval requires a joint borrower or joint applicant

Guide for Teens Buying a Car

As a teenager buying a car you will face a number of obstacles. Without a solid credit history, you will be unable to finance a vehicle without a valid co-signer, nor will you be able to take out an auto loan from a financial institution. You will also find that your car insurance rates will be much

The Rights of Stockholders to Liquidate a Corporation's Assets

Stockholders share ownership of a corporation and engage in limited contact with the company, its employees, board of directors, managers and executives. Minimal communication is usually sufficient. A company facing major problems and the possibility of bankruptcy, reorganizing or going out of busin

Best KiwiSaver Provider

Which KiwiSaver provider is best for you as an individual will change based on what you are looking to get out of your KiwiSaver fund. You can use the information below to guide you in ...

What Do I Need to Become an Orthopedic Surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon specializes in treating muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons, joints and nerves. Through surgery or physical treatment they help to correct problems due to injury or disease in the central nervous system and spend a lot of time in surgery. They are usually in charge of supervisi

Can I Get Money Back From an Account Levy?

Not all creditors are honorable about levying or garnishing the bank account of someone who owes them money, although the law restricts them to some extent. A creditor cannot seize certain types of income, but that doesn't always stop it from trying. If a creditor takes money from your account that

Mortgage Refinancing Regardless of Credit Score or Poor Credit History

Conventional mortgage refinancing is a privilege, not a right. Homeowners generally earn this right with good credit, current mortgage payments and a low debt-to-income ratio. If you have a poor credit rating, your lender may be apprehensive about offering you a new mortgage loan. If you are experie

What Is the California Food Stamp Income Reporting Threshold?

CalFresh, the name of the food stamp program in California, provides a monthly food allowance to eligible households. Families can use the benefits to buy the food they need to stay well-nourished. Eligibility requirements include income limits to make sure the benefits go only to families who would

Time Limit to File Unemployment in Texas

Unemployment insurance is a program that protects eligible workers from lost wages resulting from job loss. Not everyone who applies for unemployment payments will receive them, however, and when you apply affects how much you'll get, if any. Each state defines the application time limit differently

How to Understand Interest Rate Spreads

Interest rate spreads are key to understanding the financial viability of a lending institution like a bank or mortgage-lending company. This is because a bank's profits are directly tied to how much money it takes in each year in relation to how much it spends. In this way, banks are like many othe

Can I Deposit My Tax Check Into My Account If My Wife & I File Jointly?

If you file your taxes as married filing jointly, both you and your spouse's name appear on the refund check. This typically means that both of you must endorse the back of the check when cashing or depositing. However, bank rules may vary when depositing the check into a joint account.

Scholarships for Gay College Students

The numerous scholarships available for college students specify all types of eligibility requirements. Some scholarships are available for gay students who are academically gifted, youth activists or who need help paying for school because they are dealing with discrimination and family rejection.

Gold Investing in an IRA

When Congress approved IRAs in 1974 as a tax sheltered retirement plan to help workers not covered by company pensions, the accounts could only be funded with cash, stocks or bonds. But in 1997, Congress expanded the rules governing individual retirement accounts to give people who own IRAs the opti

Can I Write Off My Student Loans?

If you took out student loans, either for yourself or to help someone else, you may be able to use them to decrease your income tax liability. When filing your taxes, if you meet the qualifications, the Internal Revenue Service allows you to write off your student loan interest as an income tax dedu

How to Sell a Financed Car

If you're looking to buy a new automobile or get rid of your car payment, you might be interested in how to sell a financed car. Selling a financed automobile is different than selling a paid-off car, and some car sellers don't make any money off of the deal. Yet, if you're hoping to purchase a new