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Getting a New Plastic Dog Bed

For any dog one of the most important things is making sure that he or she has a good bed to sleep in at night as well as somewhere that they can feel safe and secure. Buying a plastic dog bed isn't difficult but it is important you know what to look for so you can get the right one for you and

Dog Wellness - Tips For Loud Noise Fear

Upon us soon is 4th of July where the one thing no one can escape is the sound of fireworks. Many dogs have phobias with the most common being fear of loud noises.

Dog Psychology - Taking Back the Walk

One of the first interactions the owner stops as the dog gains power within the relationship is the walk. The ability to walk or run with your dog is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of having a dog. Getting back the walk is really about getting back power within the relationship.

Treating Your Dog's Ear Infections at Home

Anyone that has a dog knows how expensive it can be to take them into the vet every time they get an ear infection. While they do offer ways to help your dog work through the ear infection, they are usually only temporary and cost you much more money than it should.

Dog Breeds A-Z

Finding the perfect pet is difficult when there are so many different breeds to choose from. Use this guide to learn more about a few of the different breed available.

How to Bottle Feed a Dog

Most people own puppies when they are beyond bottle feeding. But what if your puppy is only weeks old and needs to be bottle fed? The process of making a nutritious formula and bottle-feeding it to a puppy can be done by most adults. With some store-bought products and a steady hand for feeding, a y

Video: How to Use a Pull Harness on a Dog You're Training

Video Transcript Hi! I am Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training for Expert Village and today we are going to talk about training dogs and we are going to talk about how to properly use a no- pull harness. This is Markie and she is very excited to go on her walks, but she has to sit...

Top 4 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dog Food

Do you have trouble knowing what kind of dog food to buy for your dog? Do you want to feed your dog the healthiest food you can? This article will give you all the information you need to pick the right food for your dog.

How to Make a Puppy Shirt

Puppies grow so fast that it doesn't pay to spend too much time making clothing for them. Thankfully, there is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make a puppy shirt that does not require any sewing, knitting, or pattern. It works for big dogs, small dogs and in-between. Dress your puppy in his shi

Types of Cancer in Dogs

Most dogs get a type of Lymphosarcoma that originates the lymph nodes and usually the nodes under the jaw get swollen. Sometimes this is the only symptom your dog will have.

How to Make a Dog Throw Up

A dogs is often like a 2-year-old. It is extremely curious, and will put nearly anything into its mouth. Unfortunately, curiosity can kill or sicken the dog if it eats certain foods, including onions, grapes or raisins, medications or dark chocolate. If you come in and see your dog with that "I didn

Are Dog Training Head Halters Effective?

Lets take a few minutes and see if we can answer that simple question. There are those dog owners and trainers that speak highly of head halters and then there is another group that don't care for them at all. Let's see if we can give you enough information to make the right decision for y

Dog Odor Removal in 3 Easy Steps

The first dog odor removal step is to throw out the dog. I am just kidding. You can have dogs and not have a dog odor problem. Many people find this hard to believe but it is really possible to do. It really boils down to three basic steps they you must follow if you want your house to be dog odor f

How to Treat Aspirin Toxicity in Dogs

Aspirin ingestion typically occurs by accident. However, consuming aspirin can be life-threatening to a canine. A dog owner may become alarmed when they discover the evidence of consumption or observe vomiting or diarrhea. The consumption of aspirin in dogs is considered to be a medical emergency.

Avoiding Bad Foods For Your Dog

Sometimes, the dry foods for the dogs are made from machines known as extruder or expander. All kinds of raw materials are blended together and put into the machine.

Shots for Puppies That You Can Give at Home

The equipment and medication to administer your own vaccines to puppies can often be found in farm or feed stores, and in many cases, these vaccines come in bundled options where several vaccines are combined into single doses. Remember that needles should never be used twice, and that vaccines shou

Standards Of The Playful Pomeranian Breed

Standards of the Pomeranian breed guarantee that, generation after generation, Pomeranians will remain small, intelligent dogs with an inquisitive nature and full of personality. A Pomeranian must have a double coat, with a plumed tail. The rough-textured outer coat forms a ruffle around the neck an

Gourmet Dog Biscuits Are Good

Gourmet dog biscuits are not too expensive, they can be easy to make and your dog will love them. They can be really delicious and nutritious. So, they are good for your wallet and they are good for your dog.

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Housebreak Your Puppy

In the next few minutes, you're going to learn three fantastic tips that are going to help you house train your puppy fast. First, we're going to discuss the benefits of crate training. Next, we'll talk about how to establish a routine for your puppy. Finally, we're going to fini