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Learn to Buy Used Camera Lenses

It's a sad but true fact of life that camera lenses are expensive and are one of the most important parts of camera. However, if this statement has taken away the smile on your face ...

Beginners Guide To Digital Photography

Looking to get started in digital photography? Is photography a passion that you'd consider one day making into more than just a hobby? Photography can be incredibly rewarding, fun and exciting - but newcomers are often put off not knowing where to start! From picking a camera and the right acc

Selecting Print Sizes for Your Portraits.

The way you next choose to display your photos within you home has the power to transform a space. There are many options available when selecting sizes for your prints so it's important to understand ...

Digital and Optical Camera Zoom - What's the Difference?

If you are new to photography, figuring out what zoom power you need and differentiating between the different types of zoom can be quite overwhelming. A number of new terms referring to zooming have been introduced lately in the marketing language of camera manufacturers, which only increases confu

How to Take Professional Pictures As a Beginner

Many people nowadays earn big incomes because of photography that is why many people are now interested in learning how to take professional pictures. One of the most important tools every aspiring professional photographer should have is the camera. There are different types of cameras available in

What Is Depth of Field in Photography?

Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and farthest points from the camera that arc in acceptably sharp focus in the image. The amount of depth of field in the image is a function of the interaction of two factors - The image magnification and the f-number to which the lens is set.

Tips on Taking Black and White Portraits

Black and white photography looks best with artful contrast and tonal and white photography image by Ryan Bowser from Fotolia.comBlack and white photography has been used by the great masters of the discipline including Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier Bresson. The lack of...

Learn Digital Photography - Emphasize Your Subject For a Dynamic Photo

When you watch a movie there is one element that never changes, a leading character. The whole movie centres around this leading player and the story is created around this subject. It is no different with a still image like a photograph. Each photo should have its lead character, called the subject

What Are the Reasons Behind the Popularity of Digital Photography?

Photography used to be associated with film, dark rooms where pictures were developed, and harsh chemicals. Now, digital photography is changing all that as it gains popularity. One of the big reasons for the increase in popularity of digital photography is that you can do a lot more creative photog

How to Use Negative Photo Critiques to Improve Your Work

Anyone who works in the creative industry either as a profession or a hobby receives negative criticism at one time or another, and photography is no different. It can be a little disheartening to receive ...

The essentials of a perfect wedding contract

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer is just half the job, there's a lot more to think and decide before you sign the wedding contract with the photographer. Here's a list of things that maketh a ...

How to Scan a Black & White Image From a Contact Sheet

Contact sheets are a sheet of photographic paper, usually 8-inches-by-10-inches, where strips of negatives are laid across the paper, then held in place with a plate of glass. The paper and negatives are then exposed to light in a darkroom, and the all the frames from the negatives appear as small

Photo De Montreal: An Affordable Photographic Service

Photography is one of the most interesting professions in the world. A photographer can capture the best moments in the form of images. If you are planning to organize an event, make sure that you ...