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Air Force Graduation Gifts

It is difficult to imagine a prouder day for parents, friends and family than the graduation of a loved one. When the person has devoted his or her life to the Air Force, the need to mark the special occasion with a token of affection seems all the more important. From jewelry to...

Gifts for a First Birthday From Grandparents

First birthdays provide grandparents with the opportunity to surprise their grandkids with unforgettable gifts. Although choosing just the right gift for your "big man" or "little pumpkin" can seem nerve-wracking, getting worked into a frenzy in the toy aisle isn't necessary. Avoid turning gift givi

How to Make a Confetti Launcher

Confetti launchers are a fun item that you can easily make from items found around your home. Kids can help in making them and also in the launching of the confetti. Confetti launchers come in handy for many holidays and events such as birthdays, graduations, New Year's, 4th of July and many more.

Homeschool Graduation Reception Ideas

Homeschool graduations should be as memorable and special as public school celebrations.the graduate image by Barbara Helgason from Fotolia.comHigh school graduation is a big deal and a major accomplishment in the life of a young adult. Teens who graduate from public and private schools...

Native American Christmas Crafts

Modify Native American crafts for use as Christmas decorations.Nichola Evans/Photodisc/Getty ImagesHoliday crafts entertain little hands during the cold, snowy winter months. However, there's no reason you can't teach children something while decorating your home. Use a snow day to make...

Ideas for Husband Christmas Gift

An excellent Christmas gift for your husband may be a new tool kit.tool kit in box image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.comSelecting a Christmas gift for your husband can be difficult, as many products geared toward men tend to be somewhat generic. You want to give your husband a...

Simple & Easy Halloween Party Games & Ideas

Everyone should feel an instant thrill of excitement walking in a Halloween party. This holiday is all about fun, so throwing a party shouldn't be a stressful nuisance. Even if your party guests are all adults, plan some silly games to make them feel like children again. Supply plenty of drinks and

Tips For Finding the Best Adult Halloween Costume

Finding the perfect adult Halloween costume is very important. After all, there's no telling how many parties you're going to be invited to, how many costume contests you may be entered in, or just how much fun you're going to have. Not only will you want a costume that looks great bu

Unique Pagan Halloween Costume Ideas

Come up with a pagan costume more original than the stereotypical witch with the pointy hat. You can relate to the mysterious aura that witches cast while creating a Halloween costume specific to your personality. Deities and elements with varying degrees of power play pivotal roles in...

Halloween, Costumes, And Family Traditions

Halloween is an exciting time for children and adults alike. This is a time of year when children get to dress up as their favorite characters and super heroes and go door to door to trick or treat for candy and prizes. While some people do not celebrate Halloween, others go all out for the holiday.

Homemade Cowgirl Halloween Costume

A cowgirl outfit is a classic costume. You may already have many of the items needed for a cowgirl costume in your closet, or you can purchase them inexpensively at thrift stores. Let your personality shine through with your choice of accessories and color scheme. Create a young and fun look with ho

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to Make for Men

Christmas gift giving can be a confusing and expensive proposition. One way to cut down on costs and show your thoughtfulness at the same time is with a homemade gift made especially with the recipient in mind. Although homemade gift ideas for men can be particularly challenging, there are many idea

How to Make a Simple Tunic

Crafting a simple tunic is a wise way to make a cheap and effective Halloween or party costume. Tunics are one piece garments that drape over the head and cover all sides of the body. The ancient Greeks and Romans were well known for fashioning tunics, according to Garb the World. Historically, all

How to Choose Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, once the lifeline of every family and the backbone of America, are often tossed aside and forgotten after they have outlived what is considered to be their usefulness to society. Many are left sick, alone and forgotten in nursing homes. A few have the rare opportunity to spend their

Halloween Games to Play for Free

While Halloween is a popular holiday for kids and parents alike, the high cost of costumes and candy may make you think twice about going all-out for Halloween year after year. Don't give up on the festivities quite yet though. With a bit of ingenuity, you and your friends or family can play dozens

Instructions for Rose Corsages

You can make a rose corsage using some simple elements of floral design. The type of rose corsage you make can vary depending on your personal style and the event. Consider out-of-the-ordinary choices to make your corsage stand out.

Labor Day Party Weekend - Parties in Night Clubs

I know that the first thing people think of when they think about labor day is the park on Saturday afternoon. The boys are playing basketball and football. The women are sitting under the shade trying to look cute and stay cool. While there isn't anything wrong with any of these things, you sh

Red Hat Society Themed Basket Ideas

The Red Hat Society is the largest international social organization for women, according to its website. The group focuses on fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness. Its members are quite colorful, proud to display their red hats and purple attire. A Red Hat Society-themed basket would b

How to Sell Tickets That I Do Not Need

Tickets to sporting events and concerts are often exciting purchases and welcome gifts. However, sometimes you may be in possession of tickets that you do not want or need. You can sell these tickets through websites online, sometimes for a profit, and give someone else the opportunity to attend an