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Quit Moping Around And Get Your Ex Back Now!

You'll probably admit if someone asked. You've been a complete downer to be around since you and your ex split. Everyone understands that you need some time to get into the swing of things, but come on. It's time to move on.

Biodiesel, The New Energy Revolution

Biodiesel is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative energy source.It burns clean and utilizes existing waste products, what could be better?

Seeking solar power without shadows

Seeking solar power without shadows. The federal government waded into tricky waters when it decided China's trade practices have brought harm to the American solar industry, as claimed in an

What Is the Best Brand of Stun Gun? Stun Master

When making any major purchase one should carefully weigh all of their options before making a decision. This is certainly true when talking about products that could potentially save your life.

Most Effective Street Fighting Moves

We all know it, a street fight is the most dangerous and ruthless situation you can possible end up in. This article will give you an idea of the most effective street fighting moves that most people are trying to learn on their own.

"Honor Killing" and Islam

The American Muslim community is reeling from news of the horrific beheading of Aasiya Hassan, allegedly by her husband Muzzammil Hassan. They were respected members of the community and co-founded Br

Kelis and the London Racism Row

There is no denying the fact that racism either in subtle or overt form still exists in the world. We owe the successes recorded so far in the fight against racism to people of all races who have at some point taken a stance against it.

In Defense of Older Knowledge, Technology

People in the high-tech industries don't like to demonstrate knowledge of older technology. In some circles of the computer field such knowledge actually carries a stigma!

What Will We Do With Our Free Time?

When I was a boy in the Seventies, I remember being told many times that in the future (meaning now) we would only work four days a week for short hours, and we would have lots and lots of days off. The problem and the question, then was, 'what would we do with our free time?'

Transportation of the Future May Lay with E-Bikes

Whether heading to the park for a refreshing bike-ride over the open trails or broken down on the side of the road; convenience, portability and security are coming with some of the newer E-bike desig

Capitalism Hits the Fan: Or Was It Money?

Simon Dixon is dedicated to his mission to create a bank for the people under a banking system that works with socially responsible students that dedicate themselves to a better banking system.

Is Obama Still a Community Organizer?

I was surprised and shocked today when the President announced today, "Don't bet against us. We are going to make this thing happen", meaning the healthcare plan. Since when does a president tell us what we want? This is the tactics of a community organizer, not the president of the U

With Technology Comes a New Crime - Sexting

As technology steam rolls over us like a runaway train a new set of crimes have evolved. Many of these crimes often creep up on people without warning and the law does everything it can do to make an example out of a select few in order to really startle everyone else thinking about jumping on the b