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All About Penny Stocks

"Penny stocks" are not necessarily worth one cent per share... but they are stocks available for purchase at fairly low prices. They are also speculative investments promising high returns...

Charity Auctions - Invite the Right Audience

The most successful fundraising auctions focus more on getting the right people at their benefit event rather that getting as many people as they can. Experienced charity auction planners know that they have a limited number of seats available at their event and want to fill those with donors who ha

Stock Market Software Takes the Risk Out of Investing

During the economic downturn, stock market software has really come into the lime light. People these days don't have the extra funds to invest in risky stocks. They need to know for a fact that they will get a return on their investment. Gone are the days people would invest in a risky IPO hop

How to Figure Out the Common Stock on a Balance Sheet

Each share of a company's common stock represents an ownership interest in the company and includes the right to vote on company matters. A company raises money to fund its business by selling shares of common stock to shareholders in an initial public offering or secondary offering in exchange for

Ugly Tomatoes and the Raising of Money

This year I grew these amazing Cherokee Purple Heirloom tomatoes. When I picked the first one I washed it off and started slicing it. The first thing I noticed when I picked it was how ugly it was. But what in the world does this have to do with nonprofits? Or with fundraising?

Bond Mutual Funds

Are you interested in mutual funds?Should you invest in bond mutual funds?

Online Trading With Lowest Brokerages

Online Trading has caught the fancy of numerous people in India and is continuing to do so. Not only in India but around the world, people depend on various things, such as taking tips from traders, for trading and investing.

Signs of Dividend Cut

Once dividend payment is initiated, management will be less inclined to cut them. Certain circumstances might force them to cut the dividend. Yes, it is embarrassing. But, it may be needed to survive.

Writing Puts - Is it Safe?

Writing puts can be used to generate income and as a way to purchase stock at a discount to its current market price. But a valid questions I hear a lot is, "Is it safe?"

Equity Mutual Funds Performance - How to Measure

Do you know how the equity mutual funds perform? How to analyze their performance? You can become an expert investor by yourself. Read this article and you can get more guidance.

How to Learn FX Trading

FX or forex is foreign exchange trading. It is also referred to as spot FX. It is a subset of currency trading. Foreign exchange (currency) trading is the purchase or sale of one currency with payment received in another currency. FX trading occurs in over-the-counter markets. In terms of volume it

Stock investing - When Should You Sell Stocks?

Amongst numerous stock traders, one particular fault normally made is investors may frequently tire out on their own simply planning on buying stocks devoid of foreseeing which there may possibly come an occasion which they ...

It Seems Incredible That You Can Purchase Penny Stocks Cheap and Make Money

The problem you face as a new investor trying to purchase cheap penny stocks is the same as any investor, large or small.Which stocks to buy?Trading penny stocks cheap is very much like trading any stock on the major stock market.You have to examine the fundamental and technical components of the st

Understand Stock Market Abbreviations

The stock market can be a scary thing for a novice investor, especially for one without knowledge of all of the inside jargon. To complicate matters, you will often see stock reports filled with various abbreviations. We will take some of the mystery out of the market with a listing of some of the m

4 Stock Tips Every Wannabe Investor Needs to Know

The stock market can be confusing for someone who doesn't have years of experience and thousands of dollars to dabble in it. Here are some stock tips to clear up the realities of equity investing for you.

Charity Auction Centerpieces - A Fun Selling Idea

Most nonprofit organizations that are planning a charity auction event find a way to get the centerpieces for the tables donated, or at a reduced cost. Professional charity auctioneers and event organizers sometimes differ on their opinion of whether to sell the centerpieces or not. Some believe tha