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Get the Proper Dating Attitude

I was hopeless and helpless when it came to meeting women, dating women, even talking to women. Oh, I might get a girlfriend from time to time accidentally - not really sure how I did it - and then have her dump me after a while. And the crazy thing was, I thought I was the ONLY GUY in the world who

Dating Rules for Females

Women have always been confusing creatures to men. They have written dating guides for men, for this particular reason. How can men woo women ideally? A woman can also show some signs of interest in a man. It's a man's job to read them.

Best Foreplay Secrets For a Sizzling Romantic Interlude

Lovemaking should not be a ritual that leaves only one of you satiated. Most often, the woman does not even get completely aroused before her partner reaches his orgasm. It is no wonder then that some women fake orgasms to get it finished quickly. Why is it then that men complain when their women lo

How to Seduce a Woman Like a Real Player Would

Okay, so there are lots of men that like to consider themselves players with women. These are the guys that do all that they can to try and "look" the part, but they usually don't have half the success with women that they wish they could. And then there are the "real" playe

Get Over Your Love Emptiness

You need time to think about dating and matchmaking in your single life. You must be single and the world might not be your everyday cup of cocoa and cream. The world of singles is full of die-hard losers. As much as it gets filled up by people who have opted to change their life and filling that vo

3 Best Ways to Attract Girls - How to Flirt With Girls

In this article you will find the answer for your myths on how to flirt with girls. You will get to know why men should look approachable, the necessity of reading the body language and need for complete attention on girls. Look Approachable The main aspect that every girl wants in guy is he should

Finding That Special Someone Online

The online dating world has changed a great deal within the last few years, and now gives people the perfect chance to locate someone that they may spend the rest of their lives with. While some people still view the industry as a craps shoot, and think only a few lucky selected people will locate s

A Newbie Who is Not Savvy

I had never used an online dating service before, let alone a free online dating service. It seems that they proliferate all over the place. So I had to give it a try. I've had it with the live dating scene. They all want one thing, to get you into bed. I didn't want marriage but a heteros

Dating With Herpes - How To Tell Your New Partner

Do you have genital herpes? Are you worried about how to tell your new partner your news? Yes, it can be tricky, but just remember that there are 45 million other people in the US alone with herpes as well. (That equates to 1 in 5 people over the age of 12.) Just because you have herpes does not mea

Green Earth Programs - An Intro

Indeed, green jobs are green precisely because these make for a greener Earth in more ways than one. Libraries, churches, daycare centers, and schools are all great places for donating your books. The history of Earth Day - April 22, 2013 marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. Jammu is mostly the

Reading Body Language

Body language is a discipline about non-verbal behavior, one of the most powerful, private and quite language because it helps you understand emotions and feelings of people around you. Body language is one of the ...

Online Dating Using Mathmatical Calculations

Meeting your mate used to be a matter of random chance. Cupid's arrow either hit or missed. But online dating has put Cupid out of business as individuals have become their own matchmakers, sending witty bios and edited pics far and wide in search of love. And rather than random chance, there are so

How to Know When a Shy Man Likes You

Dating can be a confusing part of life, especially when you aren't sure if someone likes you or not. While some men have the nerve to come on too strong, others are painfully shy and can't seem to speak up at all. If you know a shy man and you're wondering if he's interested in you, there are some s

What Girls Wish That Guys Knew About Them

Even the most understanding of guys can sometimes overlook something a girl may be telling them simply because they are not paying attention. While a guy's emotions are simple and pretty blunt a girl's emotions are a bit more complex and so as a guy who wants to have a healthy relationship