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A Cure for Insanity - Tips for Successful Change

If you are trying to make some changes in your work or personal life, here are some tips that will help. Change involves letting go of old patterns or habits and creating new, healthier ones. You can be successful in your efforts to change.

How to Use Your Will Power to Get What You Want

When you begin to talk about using your will power to get what you want, most people assume you are talking about using your mind to exert power and control over other people, however, this could not be further from the truth! The importance of the "will" cannot be emphasised enough here,

Quantum Physics Explain The Law of Attraction

According to the law of attraction we attract all that we constantly focus on. If we think about the relation between the law of attraction and quantum physics, the quantum physics explains that nothing in this world is fixed and there are no limitations. Quantum physics also explain that all that e

What Should You Be Doing Today?

Would you be interested in buying a really simple, user-friendly tool that would allow you more control over your life, help you to recognise your choices in any given situation, and at the same time increase your productivity and peace of mind?How much would this be worth to you? Well, I'd lik

Preparation Can Help End The Tax Nightmare

The stores are frantically offloading goods at discounts of 80%, there’s a scurry of planning among friends about what they’re going to spend their tax return money on and everyone you know in finance or accounting has that slightly manic look around the eyes and hasn’t slept in a

How to Quit Smoking Weed - Social Consequence

One of the issues that confound people trying to find out how to quit smoking weed without relapsing is that there are often social consequences they are not prepared for or that they are prepared for but are terrified of making quitting a paralyzing choice. Some may scoff at this but for many the s

The Abc' s Of Preparation

When it comes to your personal preparations in case of an emergency, don't focus on all the things you need to do in order to be "perfectly and completely" prepared. Instead, it is important to keep a positive attitude and take little but significant steps towards preparedness.

Eliminate Common Time Busters

Performing redundant tasks, putting your time into ridiculousactivities, and wasting minutes here and there all add up tosignificant amounts of unproductive time over your lifetime.

How to Really Concentrate Deeply

All it takes to concentrate deeply is deep rooted discipline. Sounds simple does it not? Well, I will explain some of the nuances of that discipline before you do it after reading this article.

Natural Forces That Lead Toward Enrichment

There are certain forces of nature that push and tug at each of us as we strive toward enrichment. These forces are derived from natural occurring laws that govern the Universe we live in. Each person is subject to the forces equally as there is no discrimination in the Law. Here are only a few forc

Not Everything Important Comes With Urgency

Quadrant III is full of things that are urgent but not important. These include things that tend to get your attention and capture your time but do not improve your life long-term. Quadrant III features things like personal phone calls, time spent around the water cooler at work, and dealing with a

Be Grateful - Aurelia Flores

We take little things for granted too often especially when we are moving so fast. Our lives are full and busy, and we should start the day with thoughts of gratitude for all the little things. It is

In Search of Balance

What's your number one challenge? Let me guess, "balance". Balance is a function of your relationship with yourself and the place from which you create your life.