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How to Make Dashed Lines in Phototshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 7 is a popular graphic and image editing program. Using Photoshop's many features and options, you can touch up images or create entirely new ones. Although many people use Photoshop for both recreational and professional purposes, it lacks a preset option to make dashed lines. Howev

Earn Money Online

WHAT IS Points2Shop?: Points2Shop is a trusted GPT site operating since 2007, and has over 4 MILLION registered accounts all over the world with $5,000,000+ paid out in cash and prizes. (A nice place for ...

Online Drawing Tools

Online drawing tools have virtually no learning curve and no image by Svetlin Rusev from Fotolia.comOnline drawing tools are usually free and have virtually no learning curve. They allow you to edit photos and create abstract or vector artwork, which you can share with your...

How to Send a Link in Pandora

Pandora makes building custom music stations filled with the music you love a simple process. With both free and paid versions, Pandora users can create music stations that contain only certain artists and music genres. When you find music you like on this Internet music website, send a link in Pand

Building A Website - Here's How

Building a website today involves way less pain than that suffered for years by would be internet stars like myself. To be specific I mean techie dunces! Do you really enjoy the technical aspects of b

Wi-Fi Phones and TV Phones: The Gateways to the World

The whole world is fast reaching a convergence whereby all people will be connected to one another on a single interface of the World Wide Web for uninterrupted communication. As a way to realize this feat, the use of Wi-Fi phones and TV phones are now on the increase as many people are now looking

Bloggin' for Your Money With Satellite Internet

The internet has definitely transformed the way we live today. Just like the television before it, and like the radio before that, the emergence of the internet has led to a profound change in the way communicate and relate with each other and the world. It has led to the revolutionary exchange of i

When You Buy Internet Traffic

To be a businessperson in today’s economy entails adopting strategies that may are inclined to increase sales immensely. With competition being so rampant, it is vital to participate in one particular that won't only ensure good sales but also capitalizes on hefty income. Intending to buy

How to Use VGN-UX280P as a Phone

Sony Vaio VGN-UX280P is a micro PC that comes with Windows XP OS. The miniature size of this machine makes it a suitable choice for users with frequent traveling needs. Though it is a fully fledged computer, the UX280P offers functionalities of the phone, too. The phone supports the Cingular wireles